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  1. Nathan Dowdell
    Nathan Dowdell
    prepping for a road trip
  2. HollyG
    1999 Coleman Sun Valley
  3. Brandon S
    Brandon S
    Looking for info about adjusting the electric lift in a 2008 Palomino Pony 283. Lift will stop an inch or two before roof is fully raised.
  4. Kayce
    Can't wait to spend some time in our camper!
  5. gerald cooper
  6. Dave Burblife Rodriguez
  7. jberreth007
    jberreth007 Woo
    What year is your Palomino? Let me know if you ever have any questions as I’ve become pretty well adept with these.
  8. fzzychef
    Planning my next camping trip already...
  9. phoodieman
    OK I think we are in. Just got to Kemah and we are settling in at the hotel.
  10. Paula72
    Just got a 1982 Coleman Huron PopUp Tent trailer. I’m so excited. It needs a little TLC but is in great shape. Can’t wait to go camping
  11. Paula72
    Paula72 Canadian Campers
    Greetings From BC
  12. lonestarcamper
    lonestarcamper phoodieman
    We were up at Johnson City for an RV Rally. It was fun with good entertainment, but I was sick with crud. We already have 7 sites booked as of today. So Rally is on! Theme is “Birthday Parties”. You can follow either thread about Wolfcreek to see who are in what sites. Ryan from Corpus may bring family and put a tent on my site #14. So head count is 20+ now.
  13. HAWKEYE71
  14. njmarks
    In between campers
  15. MRH
    In search of the perfect PUP. But first, the tow vehicle...
  16. Bobert67
    Long time tent camper new to pop up camping
  17. jebby
    If it moves and it shouldn't - DUCT TAPE, if it doesn't move and it should- WD 40, if all else fails.... BFH
  18. jebby
    If it moves and it shouldn't - DUCT TAPE
  19. Airpilot
    Happily married, love to camp in our 2005 Aliner LXE. Been known to conduct DIY Seminars at AOC rallies.
  20. twelve29
    1998 Coleman Santa-Fe / 2017 Nissan Pathfinder