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  1. Wanda Gail Paxton
    Wanda Gail Paxton
    Hi, newby here from Flagstaff, Arizona. Gonna buy me a pop up soon and travel. I wanted to come check out all of your info.
  2. Tim Phillips
    Tim Phillips
    2007 Rockwood Fredom 2280 ..
  3. Dennis of Fort Mill
    Dennis of Fort Mill William Freeman
    Hi I live about 30 miles north of you. I was wondering where are a gew of you favorite SC camp spots. I have tent camped at Edisto Myrtle Beach and Kings Mtn state Parks in SC and Morrow Mtn State Park in NC along with some national forest free spots in Nc. Free camping was while single. wife wants to hear a flushing sound.
    1. William Freeman
      William Freeman
      I think my favorite area is around Lake Hartwell. All of the state parks there are nice. We used to camp there a lot when we had our RV, but haven't been since we bought our PUP this year. I also like Kings Mtn State Park. Croft and Andrew Jackson SP were OK. I like Oconee SP (Walhalla area in general) too. Cane Creek campground was ok. I hear Drehr Island is nice too. I generally try to stay away from the coast.
      Dec 10, 2018 at 3:35 AM
    2. William Freeman
      William Freeman
      We had a trip booked to Kings Mtn Nov 30 - Dec 2nd, but the rain forced us to reschedule for Dec 21-23rd. Now I have to cover for someone at work that weekend - I'm just going to cancel and try again around March!

      My wife is the same way - gotta have a potty in the middle of the night!
      Dec 10, 2018 at 3:36 AM
  4. Jim Haner
    Jim Haner
    Getting the PUP ready for the next trip.
  5. Jason#4
    Very little camping at all. We have thrown a tent up in the backyard a couole times and went to some family land. That’s about it.
  6. Darla P
    Darla P
    "Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world."
  7. Todd Link
    Todd Link
    2002 Coachmen Clipper Sport 086
  8. The Bob
    The Bob
    Eagerly awaiting spring
  9. Dennis of Fort Mill
    Dennis of Fort Mill Jason#4
    Have you ever camped at Andrew Jackson State Park. We have tent camped a few times there. It is nice and usually requires minimal time to get reservations.
  10. Jason#4
    newbie, 1999 Coleman Newport
  11. FARfetched
  12. Snail trails
    Snail trails
    Ready to Camp
  13. vosscrew
    We live in west central Illinois and have had our pop-up since May 2015. We try to camp as much as our schedules allow.
  14. Njemtmike
    New to the pop up camper world.
  15. untamedRN
    New pop up camper
  16. ice_nyne
    Camping...always camping. At least mentally.
  17. Adina*Moo
    Sold my Flagstaff, will be looking for a Coleman/fleetwood for my next pup
  18. Flatnpa
    Status at the bottom of the well but still digging
  19. John Henry
    John Henry
    Master mechanic, love camping, love crafting wood, metal, self-sustaining.
  20. Fenrir
    [PU] 2011 Rockwood Freedom 1640 LTD [o!!!o] 1997 TJ "Sheila" [TV] 2018 Jeep Renegade