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  1. booboo74
    2012 Rockwood Freedom 2318g
  2. David Holder
    David Holder
    Still trying to identify this Colman pop up. No luck finding the vin #. Can’t crank it open.
  3. Kate Smith
    Kate Smith
    Stage One: Cleaning
  4. Jason Elam
  5. Dee Scott
    Dee Scott
    2 big people, one small dog... have cats but they stay at home :-)
  6. David Holder
    David Holder
    Can’t find vin on older Coleman popup
  7. HeatherBlü
    Is a regular memory foam mattress (not a topper) too heavy for a pup?
  8. Julieachild
    1998 Dutchman, tow vehicle 2011 Toyota 4Runner SR5 with 5000lb tow capacity.
  9. Tanya13
    Frustrated beyond belief ☹️
  10. national parks traveler
  11. Matt Bushnell
    Matt Bushnell Pete C
    I cannot find your pictures of the roof repair.
  12. Dan Noonan
    Dan Noonan David Scott
    David, I also have the same camper but I haven't been able to locate the vin. Where is it on yours?
  13. GeneM
    Not owner yet but want to be....
  14. Kate A
    Kate A
    Making good memories for my kiddos!
  15. Becky Joppich
    Becky Joppich
    Old hat at camping but new camper owner ;)
  16. baddingos
    baddingos PopUpSteve
    I got a 2003 Coleman /Fleetwood with the factory roof rail system . I want to get roof racks Thule or Yakima but I found out that this is not universal. What size landing pads do I need.
  17. The Meissners
    The Meissners Popup Newbie
    Happy Birthday!
  18. OldMedicDoc
    In my mind I’m going camping, in my heart I am there.
  19. dbhost
    Still stuck tenting and dreaming.
  20. nautydog1
    If you hear banjos? Paddle faster
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