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  1. mrkrag
    9th day out this year, with 2 to go. Hot on St. Pat's!
  2. gigfy
    gigfy ezakoske
    I ripped off my ABS roof today on my 97 Coleman Sante Fe and plan to paint with Grizzly Grip. I read where you did the same. I was wondering if I can skip the filler part? Won't the paint fill in the small voids? Any other products besides bondo? Sorry for all of the questions. I'm searching the forum trying to find the answers but it is slow going.
    1. ezakoske
      My experience with grizzly grip was that depending on how you apply it, it may fill in some smaller holes. For example, rolling it on didn't seem to fill the voids very well, but with a brush I could dab extra GG on to fill them up a bit.
      Mar 16, 2018 at 12:01 PM
    2. ezakoske
      There are some youtube vids out there that are helpful. This guy has a series of 3 or 4 vids that I found particularly helpful:
      I used some bondo for the larger gouges in the foam, but a glazing material for filling some of the smaller holes.
      Mar 16, 2018 at 12:02 PM
  3. LiRoper
    Listening to understand is the key to success. Those who listen to respond are simply missing the point.
  4. Lanternman
    Lanternman NorthernSpirit
    Just noticed you are from Haliburton?? My girlfriends cousins and family are from there. They have a cottage on lake Kashigawigamog (sp) I have not visited there but she tells me I would not want to come back, ever!
  5. Travis Ryan
    Travis Ryan
    I have a 1978 Colemane Ticonderoga I just bought for 800 bucks. The rear left cable doesn't work but the other 3 work perfectly. Help!
  6. Earthfairies
    Earthfairies Dubbya
    Hello, I have read a number of your posts on your Viking pup and I wanted to know if you would be willing to help me and assess what I can do with my lower door that is out of alignment. I live in Winnipeg. My pup is a 1995 Viking 175SD XL. Kind regards, Wendy Somerville
  7. mrkrag
    3 more days til next campout!!!
  8. myride
    "Come On" SPRING!
  9. justmachete
    Hi fellows, hope you are all doing great as usual. Just joined this awesome forum. Hope to spend a good time with you all. Cheers!
  10. Wade&Ricki
    Very Experienced Primitive pop-upers
  11. popupguyMN
    popupguyMN thegeorgefamily06
    Hey there, I am thinking of getting a 2318G and also have an Odyessey. How has your experience been towing? I am slightly afraid this one is a little too heavy but would love your thoughts. My plan is to get a electric break installed and possibly a transmission cooler too
  12. KLD
    New page in life
  13. Toao_coyote
    1999 dutchmen 1205 trying to make camping better with restoring and up grading
  14. HAWKEYE71
    HAWKEYE71 tfischer
    hi from the hawkeye state,looking for a nice campground around CHAMPLIN MN,DO U KNOWOF ANY?
  15. HAWKEYE71
    HAWKEYE71 xenon
    hi from the hawkeye state
  16. ricksadventures
    Looking for fun adventures in our new to us trailer!
  17. Pit 4 Brains
    Pit 4 Brains jcrew6311
    I can probably help you out this weekend. I live near Sossaman and Guadalupe.
    1. jcrew6311
      Hey there, I live same intersection in Morrison ranch. I have popup at home right now and can definitely keep it until Sunday here. I want to continue doing this myself for years to come but would prefer to see it done the right way the first time! My number is 480-291-3068.
      Mar 15, 2018 at 11:28 AM
  18. HAWKEYE71
    HAWKEYE71 Dback2k4
    hi fellow hawkeye,read your post. where do u campin the state?
  19. BigTex56
    Ready to go camping! Texas this spring, NM, CO late spring early summer.
  20. razcob
    razcob roybraddy
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    2. razcob
      He said his name is Gene. Thanks for the advice.
      Mar 5, 2018
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    3. roybraddy
      I will check out the house shown in the map and see if the RED JEEP or the Trailer is parked there... This is not too far from where I live...
      Mar 5, 2018
    4. razcob
      I appreciate it much!!
      Mar 5, 2018