1st roof rebuild

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    Feb 21, 2017
    We bought a 06 Flagstaff by Forest River. 3rd time out one of the rear lift arms went thru the roof. So rather than me worrying bout it all week we cranked it down an came home. Started on it the next morning to realize both side boards an the end boards needed replaced. I'm not one to hire stuff out so wife an I cussed an discussed on what we wanted to do, so a few calls were made an couple of hours later the roof was off an in the shop. The side panels have an aluminum siding material on them but the roof is some kind if fiberglass roll roofing. While taking the end boards off we ripped some of the fiberglass. Is there anything we can use to seal this back up. also id like to put new aluminum siding on. Where can we get the 10 inch siding material.
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    I have only played with fiberglass once. As an overlay to the corner caps on my PUP. You could try a DIY patch kit from someplace like Walmart?

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