2004 Starcraft Travelstar 21SB - Water damage in front bunk door - PLEASE HELP!!

Discussion in 'PopOut (Hybrids)' started by kthays, Jun 24, 2012.

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    Mar 7, 2007
    The core is the glued-together layer that fits into the door frame. It will be wallpaper glued to a thin plywood veneer glued to a large slab of styrofoam glued to the fiberglass exterior panel. This core would be slid into the three-sided frame of the door and then the 4th frame edge would be welded on. If you look at your bunkend, you'll see how the corners are welded together.

    That's how it would be done at the factory, anyway. Core with frame just adds the frame section for you, already welded. Now, instead of having to weld the door frame together, you'll just have to attach the piano hinge to the camper with screws, rivets, or both. IMO welding on the end of the door frame is probably easier than attaching the piano hinge while trying to balance the weight of the door assembly.
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    Thank you for clarifying that. I actually got a quote from river forest for the "front door replacement" of 300.00....Im wondering now if that is just the core or the whole thing. we only live about 2 hours from them so we were goinmg to pick it up.....our frame is actually seperated in the corner so we just wanted to replace it all.
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    We have 2005 21SB, which had extensive water damage on the front. Not from bunk door leak, but from roof above the bunk door. New latches will help for sure, but it looks like in the photos the water is sucking up from the bottom. I noticed in the photo, your lap seal at the bottom near piano hinge is standing straight up. Is this for photo only. You will get a lot of water leaking in if that seal is not folded over to form a bubble seal. Made that mistake a few times and got water in after roof leak was fixed. Our roof leak was covered under our insurance policy, insurance paid $8500.00 for complete wall and floor repair, and an entire new roof in April of 2012.

    Good Luck!!!
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    Girl trapped thanks for all the info you have giving me so far. So the spacer needed went under the mount for the bar correct, I was looking at mine and could see that sitting flush would not work. Do you remember how thick of a piece you had to use behind it.
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    Hi Everyone!

    I haven't been out to this thread recently since I started it, but I'm impressed by all the great chatter and helpful insights. dmrs313 - You have given me something really concrete to look into... The seal in the photo was NOT shown that way intentionally for the photo... my wife just mentioned to me that it's always that way. Thanks for pointing that out. I will check with my local RV guy on that. I have not moved forward with the new latches or bunk replacement/repair... I did call Starcraft and they researched building a new bunk end for me then referred me to my Jayco dealer for a price after giving me some SKU numbers. Turns out it's about $600 without the decal and another $100 or so for the decal, which would be the same, but forest green instead of grey. It would take a couple of months to get it so this would be an "off-season" venture. Not sure I want to go that route, especially if I haven't cured the problem -- incidentally, I haven't had any leakage because I've been keeping a VERY close eye on that bunk end. I'm told it's still structurally fine. Once we put the mattress on it, you don't even see it. It's beaded foam insulation which has decompressed... not rotten wood I'm told by the dealer, so it's more aesthetic than anything I guess. Still, I want to take good care of this camper. Another option is to rebuild the bunk end. Dealer is even willing to take a crack, but I don't know if that will just cure a symptom that is fine at the moment left alone. Thoughts? Also - I noticed a raised line on the outside of the bottom 1/4 of the bunk going straight across... since we are the second owners I don't know if this is usual on this bunk or if it is "delamination" as a result of that water damage... I know a pic would help, just wondering particularly from dmrs313 if this is maybe just there on all of the front bunks... light has to catch it and a little tough to even feel with my hand, but it's definitely there.
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    Jan 9, 2019
    I'm supposed to go buy a 2007 unit. Does anyone know if this year model has the old or new latches. Can someone provide a picture of the old and new latches so that I can see when I go see the unit.
  7. Rachel Klopp

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    Jan 9, 2019
    I'm supposed to buy a 2007 unit. I'm nervous of this issue. Can anyone provide a picture of the old and new latches so that I know what to look for.
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    Holy Thread Resurrection, Batman!:eek:
    this thread is going on 7 years old and the OP hasn't posted since 2013.
    if you're talking about the cargo latches, instead of the old screw clamps, a 2007 should have the cargo latches.
    Here's a link to pics of old and new style:

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