2011 Texas Rally - June 17,18,19

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    It wasn't as much of a Rally this time as it was a get together I guess you would say. There were only 3 families (huizarr, Texas_Laws, and us) that were there, so we didn't do a Pot Luck or Door Prizes this time.

    Huizarr and I were on waterside sites just two away from eachother, and Texas_Laws was in a waterside site at another loop since there was deeper water there and Leslie brought some jet skis. [A]

    The weather was pretty hot and windy the whole time, 101 - 102* actual with a Heat Index at 108* - 110* [:O] [SUN]
    On Thursday my AC froze up on High Cool, so we had to run the AC Fan only for a bit until it thawed out. Ron (huizarr) had a thermometer in his pup that read 88* and that was with his AC on High Cool, the inside of our pup was no better. [EEK]

    Did I say it was windy ? I kid you not, the lake water had white caps on it at one point, it looked more like a bay than a lake. It was so windy that poor Leslie (Texas_Laws) and her group was taking such a severe beating on the jet skis the whole time, they packed up and left on Saturday.

    It was not all bad though ! We got to meet some awesome folks in Ron and his family, and it was great to see Leslie, Rich and their family again.

    Ron's mansion (Flagstaff HW 296, IIRC) has two axles, wood flooring, and nicer looking kitchen cabinets than in my house..........oh, and the factory installed flat screen TV/DVD combo was cool also. I hope Ron and his family can make it out to a future Rally, you guys have got to see this thing, it's huge. [8D]

    The kids had a blast getting rides and being towed on the jetski's (THANKS LESLIE ! :) ) while Buffy and I cooled off in the lake with Leslie's folks.

    Yeah, it was HOT (Heat Index made it feel even hotter)

    Leslie giving Shawn & Kayla a ride on her jetski

    Kids making plaster of paris hand prints for a Father's Day gift

    Kids Activities (Making Door Hangers)

    Our Campsite looking toward the lake

    Cardinal & Woodpecker at our campsite

    At Blue Bell Ice Cream Creamery in Brenham, TX

    On Friday we were gone the whole day in Brenham going to the Blue Bell Creamery and checking out the town.

    Saturday, we did the activities with the kids and went to Leslie's site for a little bit before they left (Her boys gave us all a good scare there for a bit, but glad to say they were all fine.) The kids had a great time getting rides on the jetski's..........I still am getting hounded by them to get one. LOL

    Saturday night the Huizarr's came over and we had a cookout together.

    Sunday we said our goodbye's, packed down and headed out for home. [:(]

    The heat was very extreme on this trip, I mean uncomfortably hot, so to prepare better for our trip in July we bought Reflectix and ordered a set of PopUp Gizmos to make it cooler in the pup. Reflectix is already in the garage as I type this, the Gizmos were ordered yesterday and should be here by the end of the week. That should help us take on this Texas summer heat a little better. [;)]
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