2014 Coachmen Clipper 106ST soft floor

Discussion in 'Roof/Floor Repair & Maintenance' started by Asinity, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. Asinity

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    Jun 29, 2017
    Hey everyone,

    When we opened up our PUP at the start of the season we noticed that we had a soft spot near the front of the trailer. I called our dealer and asked to have it checked out. They let me know that they've seen this in some of the 2014 Clippers and that Coachmen wants me to send the trailer to them for repair at no cost to me, despite warranty being expired as this is apparently a known issue with these PUP's. They apparently trialled a fully sealed floor, and I guess what happens is any moisture trapped in the floor simply rots it out over time.

    I will say, top notch service by Coachmen in this regard.

    We recently picked the trailer up from the dealer and opened it up to prepare for our Canada Day week long trip. I noticed the floor is even softer now, and that the floor towards the back is soft and we can actually hear the wood crunching under foot in one spot. We've had a number of problems with this from the start, so we are quite frustrated at this point.

    I have to ask, has anyone else seen this problem in their Clipper or similar Viking? I read another thread from a Viking owner who was to return the trailer for repair, but didn't see any follow up. Does anyone else have any experience with doing this?
  2. jmunz

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    Jun 15, 2014
    Yes.... I currently have our 2014/15 125st at the factory for them to put new floor in. It was just a week out of warranty but had record of dealership looking at problem prior Warranty expiration. I had to pay for transportation which was a bit pricey but the camper is in perfect shape except for the floor. Coachmen has been great so far with the process and should have it sometime this spring. Floor was soft by the door to the point I had was concerned of putting my foot through it. I will keep you posted

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