2014 Coachmen Clipper 106ST soft floor

Discussion in 'Roof/Floor Repair & Maintenance' started by Asinity, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. Asinity

    Asinity New Member

    Jun 29, 2017
    Hey everyone,

    When we opened up our PUP at the start of the season we noticed that we had a soft spot near the front of the trailer. I called our dealer and asked to have it checked out. They let me know that they've seen this in some of the 2014 Clippers and that Coachmen wants me to send the trailer to them for repair at no cost to me, despite warranty being expired as this is apparently a known issue with these PUP's. They apparently trialled a fully sealed floor, and I guess what happens is any moisture trapped in the floor simply rots it out over time.

    I will say, top notch service by Coachmen in this regard.

    We recently picked the trailer up from the dealer and opened it up to prepare for our Canada Day week long trip. I noticed the floor is even softer now, and that the floor towards the back is soft and we can actually hear the wood crunching under foot in one spot. We've had a number of problems with this from the start, so we are quite frustrated at this point.

    I have to ask, has anyone else seen this problem in their Clipper or similar Viking? I read another thread from a Viking owner who was to return the trailer for repair, but didn't see any follow up. Does anyone else have any experience with doing this?
  2. jmunz

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    Jun 15, 2014
    Yes.... I currently have our 2014/15 125st at the factory for them to put new floor in. It was just a week out of warranty but had record of dealership looking at problem prior Warranty expiration. I had to pay for transportation which was a bit pricey but the camper is in perfect shape except for the floor. Coachmen has been great so far with the process and should have it sometime this spring. Floor was soft by the door to the point I had was concerned of putting my foot through it. I will keep you posted
  3. Asinity

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    Jun 29, 2017
    Apologies for reopening an old thread, but I want to post the follow up on this.

    First off, tip of the hat to the dealer and Coachmen for taking care of the problem. We were very fortunate and the dealer had a few new units to be returned and was able to get our 106ST sent to Coachmen under the same freight.

    By the end of the season the rear of the trailer was so soft that I simply stayed away from the area when we were inside.

    We received the trailer 2 weeks ago, popped it up and WOW what a difference. Rather than the bottom of the trailer looking like it was wrapped in saran or something, it is simply painted black now. They did a phenomenal job and went above and beyond in how they reassembled the trailer. To note the 'extra' repairs/replacements;

    1) First and most noticeable when we picked it up was the new front storage lid as the original tan was replaced with a black lid with a different seal design. Original design was the cause of a severe water leak when driving in a heavy rainstorm which I suspect was the main origin of the rotted floor. Very unfortunately the replaced lid has a tighter hinge on it and because of this, the screws pulled out of the wood so this will need to be repaired - this was apparently noticed by the dealer but only a bandaid solution was used and it broke completely when we opened it up. We were told further repair would be on our dime... kind of dumb, but here we are...

    2) Updated flooring! Our 2014 trailer now has the same flooring used in the 2018 models, which looks very sharp.

    3) Bed support cables were replaced with brand new as the originals had been chewed up a little bit over the years when they would sometimes get caught around the bed rails.

    4) A couple pieces of more heavily worn (worn stain) trim pieces inside the trailer were replaced with new.

    5) The hitch and forward frame of the trailer were quite rusty, they cleaned it up and repainted it.

    6) The amber porch light was replaced with what appears to be an LED which shines a nice cool white.

    I am pleased with the quality of the repair... EXCEPT... The sub floor is getting wet!!!

    At first I thought it was a poorly sealed section, however I discovered that water is reaching the sub floor by running down the front and rear of the trailer, where it slips underneath a piece of trim, which has no sealant on it, and has left watermarks at both the front and rear of the trailer.

    I am looking at installing a drainage system at both ends of the trailer. With that said though, the bottom of the trailer is obviously going to get wet with rain water when driving in the rain or through puddles, so how severe of an issue could this be? Without the sealed floor, this wood can breathe and dry out, can it not? Up until now, I have never really thought of this - but typically PUP's will just have an exposed wood floor, so how do they survive?

    How did you make out with your 125, JMUNZ?
  4. mtbdudex

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    Jul 22, 2014
    Timely thread, we also have a 2014 Coachman clipper and last year (summer 2017) noticed the floor was getting soft in 3 spots, 1 by the door and 2 others by both beds. Now 2018 it's so bad ....
    I'll be contacting General RV here in Wixom Michigan later today.

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