2018 Quad-State Rally

Discussion in 'Rallies Being Planned' started by ChocoChock01, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. NM_Alien

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    May 28, 2015
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    We'd be up for checking out that campground but we have a previous Land Cruiser event scheduled right before that in Silverton. Our camping this year has been non-existent because we've been prepping our house to sell it, moving to an apartment, putting house on market and now plan to close the sale June 6th. The past couple of months have been super busy. I got the parts I needed to repair the damage I did to my PUP last October. Now I need to find some time before the end of June to do the actual repairs before the late July trip sneaks up on us.
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    Dec 26, 2009
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    I was thinking from your FB posts that you must be having an interesting year.
    If Clear Creek turns out to be a nice campground, it may be something to keep in mind for future meet-ups. Today, there are still unreserved sites for that last weekend in July (26-29 for us). I think there are some boondocking areas in the vicinity too.

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