A/C in driveway?

Discussion in 'Camp Driveway' started by Popeye, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. Popeye

    Popeye New Member

    Sep 5, 2017
    Hello everyone, we are new to this site and first time owners of a used 2014 palomino base camp 10B pop up. So we've been cleaning the camper and this past weekend we tried turning on the a/c in the driveway, we used the 30amp to 15 amp adapter and an extension cord- the a/c ran for about 45 secs and shut off. I checked all fuses and circuit breakers in camper -all good. My house circuit breaker had tripped- I decided to leave it alone and did not try again to prevent damaging the a/c. We purchased the camper from a reputable dealer and they had said we could run a/c in the drive way with the adapter - they also said not to run any other electrical item at the same time which I made sure all were off. My questions are 1. What am I doing wrong and 2. Did I damage the a/c ? I hope the a/c is ok but don't want to chance plugging it in/ in the driveway again. We've only had the camper a week and haven't used it yet. Should I try it again with a/c in driveway or just leave it alone till our first camping trip? Thanks for you advice.
  2. sgip2000

    sgip2000 Member

    Jun 16, 2010
    Hillsboro, OR
    A/C needs 20 amps to run properly. Do you have a 20A circuit that doesn't have any other devices on the circuit?
  3. theseus

    theseus Centerville, OH

    Feb 6, 2007
    Centerville, OH
    It needs up to 20A to start, when running it draws considerably less.

    If you are going to do a lot of camp driveway, you have 4 options.
    1. Use a dedicated 20A circuit in the garage...
    2. Use a generator that has enough power...
    3. Install a hard start capacitor, to lower the number of amps it pulls to start.


    4. No A/C...

    Depending on the age of the house breaker, it might be weak and popping at less the 15A
  4. Sneezer

    Sneezer Active Member

    Aug 8, 2015
    DFW, TX
    They generally don't run on a 15a circuit. 20a would be better. If the wiring is not rated for the current you could cause some excessive heat buildup in the house wiring.

    I have a 20amp circuit in my garage plus a 220v. It handles the AC ok but the outside 15a circuit would trip.
  5. xxxapache

    xxxapache Well-Known Member

    Jul 30, 2008
    I run mine in a 20a in my garage.
  6. tfischer

    tfischer Well-Known Member

    Probably too wimpy of an extension cord. The standard cheap orange cords that most people buy are 16 gauge. They won't carry enough current to run your AC. You can buy good cords that are 12 gauge which is what your house wiring probably is, but they don't come cheap. I have several since I do woodworking and need them to run power tools.
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  7. Popeye

    Popeye New Member

    Sep 5, 2017
    Thanks all, so the breaker I was running it on is a 20 amp but our house is old and I believe it is tripping at less than 20 due to age, also your right about the extension cord I'll have to go out and buy a good one -I believe the one I have is a regular 16 gauge, that's probably part of the problem also- thanks for the answers and advice- Im assuming since my house breaker tripped that I didnt damage the a/c - what say you? I do know the a/c works because when we bought it, I had the salesman turn it on and he was using 2 long extension cords but I guess from what I've learned here they were probably 12 gauge cords.
  8. Ductape

    Ductape Well-Known Member

    Jun 12, 2013
    I just went ahead and installed a 30a RV outlet in the back of my barn. It wasn't expensive, and now when the camper is home I can run anything I would run at a campground, including the A/C. Normally, we leave the fridge running @ home and we are ready to go on the next camping trip.
  9. SteveP

    SteveP Active Member

    May 21, 2015
    When they say turn everything else off, they mean everything on that house circuit as well. I can run mine on a 15 amp circuit if everything else is off. You might want to flip the breaker that feeds the converter in the pup also.
  10. xxxapache

    xxxapache Well-Known Member

    Jul 30, 2008
    While my AC will run from my garage, I often take advantage of the opportunity when I want to have AC and use my generator to burn out the old gas.
  11. tfischer

    tfischer Well-Known Member

    Sta-bil's cheaper :)
  12. xxxapache

    xxxapache Well-Known Member

    Jul 30, 2008
    But it doesn't work forever.
  13. tfischer

    tfischer Well-Known Member

    Good for at least a year. If you're going much longer than that then you need to do more camping ;)
  14. Lanternman

    Lanternman Member

    Aug 17, 2017
    Mooresville NC
    can you park the pup close enough for the main cord to plug directly into an outlet, skipping extension cords?
    Otherwise, what these guys said- heavy duty extension cord, the less the better!

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