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    May 18, 2018
    After reading a lot of input here, we decided not to cut our 2004 Tuscon roof for a factory type unit and potentially have to deal with leaks issues, and roof support costs. We decided to install a 12K-BTU unit on the front wall to utilize the front frame for support. After removing the front wall paneling I was surprised at the lack of any real wall framing, just some scabbed rips of OSB glued to the back of the paneling at millwork anchor points, some of which were only partially attached. After choosing the A/C model, I framed the rough opening for the unit allowing some clearance for metal flashing and sealant. I raised the rough opening to clear the bottom sill plateof the wall. The Tuscon also has the angled exterior wall which complicated the framing some. The top and bottom of the opening are lined with the bent over metal siding. The sides are lined with aluminum along with corner flashing all sealed with urethane sealant. And anodized corner trim on the outside of the opening. Here are pics of the framing (with a 4 degree slope on the top and bottom to lock the unit on a slant for condensate drainage). And a pic of the finished opening. I am waiting for the sill pan fabrication which will extend from the inside bottom edge of the A/C to the outside of the opening and shed any condensation to the outside. I will follow up with the final project pics. IMG_0219.jpg IMG_0238.JPEG
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    Nice work. Welcome to the Show.
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    Sep 22, 2016
    That is some nice clean work you did there!
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    May 31, 2018
    Looks factory!
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    Better than factory. He used plywood instead of OSB. (And screws instead of glue)
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    May 31, 2018
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    Great job. Looks professional ! I did something similar on one but put it in the rear. I did not think I needed the extra weight on the roof to lift . You might need a small piece of something to move the air up. I uses a piece of thin plexiglass in mine. remember hot air rises and if you can move the AC air up it will cool better.
    Good Luck And Happy camping

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