A frame CoolCat heat pump dead-- How repairable are they?

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  1. 9000rpm

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    Aug 14, 2014
    2015 Starcraft Aframe comet 1232. CoolCat heat pump has stopped blowing cool air (or warm air in heat mode). Blowing ambient air only. At campsite last month notice no cool air inside, checked the vent/access panel outside and notice a smelly oil blowing out. (where the hot air blows out). Circulating fan works. Opened access panel and oil is all over the drain pan. I'm assuming the worst here with a major leak of freon (or whatever coolant is used).
    Local dealership where I bought it wants $130/hr to troubleshoot. Out of warranty. New unit is about $1000, not including labor. I was told by the service manager that these units are not often repaired. I would like to troubleshoot it myself in my garage where it is kept, but we have no 30 amp outlet.
    Anyone have similar issues?? How repairable are these units? Repairable on a bench?
    We can live without the heat pump, as we find it noisy at night (it's under the bed).
    Our last trip we used smaller, quiet fans inside at night to help keep cool. Worked fine.
    If not feasible to repair, seriously thinking about removing it for extra storage space!!
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    Jun 5, 2014
    They aren't designed to be repairable. They CAN be repaired by an HVAC tech but the cost is prohibitive.

    The replacement should be a relatively simple DIY project.
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    Aug 14, 2014
    Thanks for the replies. I was thinking that repairing it would not be feasible, and that makes my decision so much easier as we are not dropping $1000 for a new unit. We tolerate the heat here in Indiana well as long as we have fans, and we spend MINIMAL time inside the camper. We'll take a hit on resale value I'm sure, but looking forward to the extra storage space we will gain should I remove the thing.
    Thanks again!!

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