Aliner and Subaru Outback questions

Discussion in 'A-Frame PopUps' started by Marash, Apr 1, 2018.

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    There is no easy way to verify that the torque converter clutch (TCC) is locked on a Subaru Lineartronic CVT transmission. The main known (but pretty rare) problem with these converters is actually the opposite. The converter clutch doesn't unlock at low speeds or when stopped, typically causing jerkiness at very low speed and stalling when stopped.

    You can sort of verify that it is working as intended, though. Decelerate to low speed, put transmission into "1" and watch the economy gauge. The indicator should move noticeably to the "minus" side of the economy gauge and you can (probably) feel a very slight shudder as as the converter unlocks.
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    Late to this post but I see a lot of negativity and wanted to help. We have a 2013 4 cylinder and while I tow with my other car the outback has tons of power. Also paddle shifters give you a lot of control with the transmission, but CVT's do have a history of towing issues.

    I am not super familiar with A Frames but I would stick with trailers 1800lbs and below. This gives you 1000 lbs of cargo and passengers. That may seem like a lot, it's not.
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    @Marash, always good to think this all the way through, I did want to update, the more we pull the trailer (and with slightly more stuff) the better the Subie seems to do, though honestly I'm guessing it's my nerves that have relaxed. I mentioned to my husband last trip it barely feels like you're towing anything (again flat midwest situation here). I still wouldn't push it with a heavier camper myself but I wanted to put that out there for others in this situation. The Subie can do it, just be smart with weight and take your time :)

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