At what point do you do a complete tear off of a roof versus a patch and seal?

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    Aug 13, 2014
    I have a 2000 Coleman Utah with the cracks and delamination on the front 1/3. There is also a thin crack the length of the awning and a few small cracks in the front two corners. I've been reading how I could gorilla glue down the loose pieces, patch with the MEK and then seal, but have also seen others bite the bullet and tear it all off. What determines the best route to go? I'll try to post some pictures this weekend. Looking on You Tube, I thought the best roof was the guy who sprayed with the T Rex Speedokote, but did a search on the site and don't see it mentioned. Sounds like the consensus goes withe the grizzly grip and rolling? Thanks
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    The thing with that roof is you start by patching the small cracks here and there. This becomes a yearly project and at some point you get sick of looking at the Frankenstein roof. This is when you brake down and solve the problem. I have finally reached this point. My plan is to scrap the whole roof and build a new one. I want to make it taller for overhead storage and a real mattress.

    Good luck send pictures.

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