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    The Beartooth Highway is truly one of the most scenic roads in America. This 68 mile road climbs up into the Beartooth Mountains and traverses out of the Northern parts of Yellowstone National Park, alone the Montana/Wyoming border, exiting near the town of Red Lodge in Montana. These are quite a few National Forest Service campgrounds along the route including my personal favorite, Island Lake. Camping fees are $15 per night, all primitive camping. It’s a very small window of opportunity to enjoy this place as the road opens in mid to late June and closes with the first snows after Labor Day. The campgrounds normally open the first week in July and close on Labor Day.

    Ascending the mountains is best from the West, out of Yellowstone. This is a nice gentle climb up several sets switch-backs, almost to the point of not noticing the fact that you are approaching 11,000 feet at the pass. Coming up from the East, out of Red Lodge, you’ll climb up over 3,400 feet in one set of switch-backs to Rock Creek Vista Point at 9,000 feet and then on up to the pass. Another approach, coming up from Cody Wyoming, will bring you up and onto the Beartooth Highway at just about the middle of its 68 mile length.

    If you ever plan on taking the epic cross country trip to Yellowstone, make sure you make time to stay up in the Beartooth Mountains. Your only regret will be not making the journey.

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    I was just there last month during my 19-day motorcycle trip!
    Scenery is spectacular, and the road is awesome!
    We rode it in both directions.
    We camped at Limber Pine down the east side.

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    Quite something, wasn't it?
    You got some beautifully photo too!
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    We drove the Beartooth in 2015 when we went to Yellowstone NP. On the way up heading east, we stopped to take a photo and I got to talking with a guy who had come from the other direction. He said (I'm paraphrasing) "you're going to see something, stop to take a picture and think its the greatest thing you've ever seen. Then your going to get back in the car, go around the corner and see something more beautiful. And it'll be that way the whole way."

    He was right!

    As Steve says, if you're going to be in the neighborhood you CANNOT skip the Beartooth Highway. Photos posted are great but they don't hold a candle to seeing this with your own eyes. [:)C]
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    Excellent write up and pictures...thanks for sharing! I will be in that area in about two weeks. Due to time constraints on the drive between Glacier and Madison campground in Yellowstone...I was going to pass on Beartooth. But...I may have to go back and rethink that. Thanks for spuring on the excitement!
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    You won't be disappointed. Safe travels.
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