Build your own teardrop(wood) camper...

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    Aug 3, 2012
    For years I have dreamed about building a Chesapeake Light Craft kayak from one of their kits, so I receive their emails.

    Although kayaks are their main product line, they have gone into teardrop campers, as well.
    Although the teardrop is not a popup, there are inquiries about the lightest and smallest campers available. [RTM]

    I am posting their link, which is worth a look and see, even if you are not going to build a kayak or teardrop camper.
    Their videos are very fascinating, and they offer schools for assistance in the building of the teardrop camper. [:O]

    Now, I can dream about building a kayak and a matching teardrop camper, neither of which is likely to happen. [:(]
    But, it's ok to dream on... [;)]

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