Bunk end pole attachment points

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    Sep 5, 2017
    Ok so I've had this 2014 palomino 10B base camp for one week - 1st time pop up owner - bought it from a rv dealer whom had used it as a rental - I'm starting find things broken here and there. On this particular model the bunk end support poles attach to a slot at the bottom frame of the coach and at the top of the box of the coach in another slot - upon close inspection the top of box slots are slots cut into the wood where the end of pole fits. On top of that wood is an aluminum trim also slotted. The wood has split and broken in both of these slots to the point that the only thing supporting the weight of the support poles is the aluminum trim. I peeled back the fiberglass skin and the side trim to access the area- my idea is to sandwich the wood ( which is a 2x4 and part of the frame with some aluminum plates and bolt them through essentially reinforcing the slot area with an aluminum sandwich splint. Any one ever done that before? I had thought of removing the whole 2x4 and replacing but that would mean a lot more tear down and I don't know if I will compromise the frame by doing so. Any thoughts or advice?i do know we cannot leave it that way as it wouldn't support a lot of weight. Also I took pics but can't figure out how to upload them here. Also the slide out aluminum frame itself where the the mattress rests is broken in the corner closest to the screen door of the trailer - the bolt in that corner actually has pulled back out of the aluminum square frame and I believe it's because the bunkend has been unsupported in that area due to the weakend slot and the support poles not bearing the weight. Please help

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