Byrds Branch NC with the NTU Starcraft 817

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    Aug 17, 2017
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    First time out with the new to us, like new 95 Starcraft meteorite. 3 other couples who all own campers. Beautiful weather in the upper 70s and no rain. Byrds Branch is about a 15 site campground near Elkin NC, great owners, huge, beautiful, level sites, a small stream, full hookup, etc... We hiked 1.5 miles of beautiful trails to a local winery (who also delivered purchased wine for free so we didnt have to hike with it), and the local old school butcher shop delivered Fred Flintstone sized ribeyes for 10.99/lb which is about unheard of around here. One helluva weekend with good friends, cold drinks, killer fire with food cooked over it, cold beverages, cold beverages, and of course plenty of cold beverages. pup1.JPG pup2.JPG pup3.JPG pup4.JPG
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    Welcome from over in Polk Co...
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