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    Mar 7, 2018
    power source is the one of a few important sources. w\o power your time will not be as fun as you want. Solar is the best if you want that peace & quiet. Generator is another choice of power & charging of battery or batteries. IMO & for "me" if I'm out offgridding in the wilderness the last thing "I" want is noise from a genny.
    Good battery with a large amount of amps per hour is needed. I went with a 125 amp hour battery by VMax. 12v Tank, 10 to 12 yr life span. Buy once cry once I say.
    When I was building my trailer I wanted 100% off grid power only. No land line power (shore power) what so ever. I went with Renogy. I like their customer service, which had a positive impact on me choosing their product. I explained what I was doing for my trailer build & what equipment will be used @ certain times of the year & how long (hours during the day) along with giving them all the technical information as of amp. draw & available sunny light in my area geographically. They came up with a fail safe system that will suited me for all 4 seasons & available sun light. Theirs a lot of solar companies out there, but you get what you pay for just like batteries. On my 5th wheel I went with Zamp Solar never had any issues with Zamp @ all. I had 300 watt Zamp panel & charge controller & it supplied my 5th wheel with the power needed w\ 2 6v. batteries in series to produce 12v which gave me 215 amp hrs. But I was only averaging 3 yrs life span on the batteries. Another item to add is battery shut off switch to the battery source. This purpose when you store your camper so your batteries or battery doesn't discharge from electrical devices plugged into outlets that can slowly drain the connected battery's power, even if the campers devices are switched off. The device acts as a load on the battery, slowly trickling power from the battery to the device until the battery \ batteries are completely drained. This is hard on a battery or batteries with its life span. It shortens the life span of the battery or batteries which is a costly mistake. A battery disconnect switch creates a separation between the connected battery and the devices or outlets effectively blocking any current flow preserving battery power. I disconnect the positive cable from my solar charge controller from the battery because the small LED lights will draw power from my battery.
    They come in all shapes & forms. Mine in the photo looks like a key (red color to the right of the photo)
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    BEARMAN 512 - My RT14 Awning finally all got eat up by UV's so my plan is going to be use the EZ-UP Patio Tent like you have here... This all folds up in a not to large tote so bringing it along won't be much of a problem I hope. I've been watching them on sale at WALMART. I want the one with straight up/dn legs on it so maybe I can attach to the side of my off-road trailer and extend the two outer legs to the ground so it will clear my access door to the trailer. Then I can open the trailer door and step down into the EZUP Patio area under the tarp maybe...


    Roy Ken
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    Is that an RJ-45/ethernet connector in the last picture?
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    Yes, to communicate with my Midnite Solar Classic 150

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