Camping within an hour or two from Port Huron, MI

Discussion in 'Michigan' started by Winchested, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. Winchested

    Winchested Member

    Jun 19, 2015
    Looking to find somewhere fun to camp with the kids and our dog, likely May 11-13 or 24-27

    Not sure I want to cross the border and camp on your Memorial Day long weekend, a little to busy for us.

    I see Lakeport State park. Which is open by May 11. I'm sure it will be chilly on May 11th on the Lake but I'm sure out furnace can handle it for a couple days.

    I see Wolverine County park. Which opens memorial weekend.

    I'd love to go to Wolverine and then take my truck to the Mounds Offroad park, but I'd rather wait til my Scout II is finished and then go there the following summer.

    Any where is that might be fun just to relax?

    I'm also picking up a bunch of parts for my Scout II on the US side and take em back home.
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  2. eoleson1

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    Jul 5, 2011
    Macomb County Michigan
    I don't know if it's your cup of tea, but there's a KOA in Port Huron (actually there's a couple, but the one I'm talking about is called Port Huron KOA). They have a couple of pools, an adjacent activity center (batting cages, waterslides, putt putt, etc.), ice cream shops, train rides, hay rides, organized activities, etc. Great place for kids 6-13 imho.
  3. Winchested

    Winchested Member

    Jun 19, 2015
    Hey thanks I'll check it out. Haven't camped at a KOA since I was a wee one.
  4. Winchested

    Winchested Member

    Jun 19, 2015
    It's cheaper for me to just rent one of the Kabins at the KOA then haul my trailer there.
  5. Winchested

    Winchested Member

    Jun 19, 2015
    Well due to a major late booking on my part I found only a couple sites available along the east Huron coast. Ended up booking at Lake Port State Park site #350.

    June 29 to July 2.

    Should be fun. Any info of fun things to do or see/ shop around the port Huron area would be good.

    Dog friendly even better.

    This is our first time ever across the border for both me and my wife.
  6. sarabelle

    sarabelle New Member

    Check out Wagener County Park...It's north of Port Huron on the lake. We had an amazing time there last year.
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  7. Balthisar

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    Jun 26, 2018
    Plymouth, MI USA
    I hope you come back and let us know how you enjoyed Lakeport. That's one of the extended-family favorites, where we get adjacent spots on an end lot and get everyone together.

    Last Memorial Day, we crossed over to your side to avoid the crowds over here. Wildwood was desolate, and awesome.
  8. Winchested

    Winchested Member

    Jun 19, 2015
    We loved it. Was a nice campground. Close to every amenity needed. We stayed in site 350 in the south camp ground. Was quite a few Canadians camping there too.

    My wife was amazed how many Americans love to show their pride and hang the stars and stripes where ever they go.

    The beaches were good other than they don't have any where for dogs, I still found after the rush of people leave there's a few minutes you can run your dog down there to cool off for a few minutes. The temps were over 100* so the dog needed it.

    The camp store on the north side is great and their soft serve ice cream is fantastic.

    We watched the Sarnia, on fireworks from the beach in the south camp on July 1st for Canada day. Was a long ways away but still nice to see.

    My family loved the Sweetwater restaurant in Lexington. Great food good craft beer and chalk boards for the kids to draw and write on while waiting for food (this was a first we have never seen any thing like it before). This town Reminded us so much of Port dover, ON.

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