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    Hi folks,

    I have a couple battery charging questions on a 2005 Fleetwood Victory. The previous owner converted it to dual 6v in Series. Most of my camping is without hookups and usually only a couple hours drive. The only electric I use is the lights and occasionally the furnace right before bed. How frequently should I be charging the batteries?

    Second, given the batteries are in series, can I use a 12v battery charger and charge them at the same time or do I need a 6v charger and charge them individually?

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    Mar 3, 2006
  2. kitphantom

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    Dec 26, 2009
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    Between trips, we charged the pup battery once a month (With our TT, it's usually plugged in during the season, since we're out once a moth and keep the fridge stocked between trips. The on-board charger on ours works well and does not over-charge.) We used two LED ceiling lights, and the furnace in our pup. We did buy a solar panel, since we camp in one spot for 3-8 nights. Solar works well where we camp, and the solar panels are just a routine part of our dry camping set-up - no need to decide whether, and when, to charge them.
    Before we got the panels, I once did a 3 or 4 night trip without a method to recharge the batteries, and I was pushing the limit (to not take it below 50% state of charge).
    We now have dual 6v batteries on our TT, to have more amp hours (we have more power items, though we still conserve as much as we can). We do the same routine - the only time we don't put out the solar panel is on an overnight stop.
    Our tow vehicle would charge the battery on both the pup and TT, with the tow vehicles we've used. (Some fine their vehicle blows a fuse trying to charge batteries, especially if they're drained too far, or in the case of friends, trying to run the refrigerator on 12v on the road and charge the camper battery too.)
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    If the batteries are balanced, and they should be if they have been used together, then you can treat them as a 12volt battery because that's what you have.
    It certainly will not hurt anything to charge them with a six volt charger individually.
  4. Customer

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    Think of them and charge them as a two piece 12vdc battery.

    Keep them charged always. Best to have a quality converter or battery charger and keep it connected all the time when power is available.
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    A battery charger that's left hooked up will boil the batteries. You want a battery tender/maintainer. It will only come on when it senses a voltage drop and will turn completely off at a preset voltage. Most converters do a poor job of this

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