CPAP with no on-board battery

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    Mar 3, 2005
    We use it for travel only since the replaceable cartridge doesn’t require us to use a humidifier so it is very efficient when we have to rely on the battery. We use the Resmed S9 with the humidifier at home. We got it as a package deal
  2. bob414

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    Jan 31, 2019
    ResMed S9 user, NTM Popup, no real data yet. I have the 12 V adapter for the CPAP.
    Just spliced in a 12V Cig type socket into the water pump 10 AMP circuit and got a triple Cig socket adapter with QC USB/ USB and USB-c connectors with DC Voltage gauge. I plan on not using water pump.
    Using one type 24 deep cycle battery that I used while tent camping with no humidifier CPAP one night and charged phone and used 15% of battery capacity.
    Have multiple recharge capabilities, TV, 45 Watt solar, 900 and 2000 watt generators.
    Current planned electric usage, is CPAP, pup heater and led lights, phone charging and maybe a computer if battery holds up
    First planned trip is in 2nd weekend in March. Wish me luck.


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