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  1. Billie Streich

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    Jul 29, 2017

    We were out camping at the state park this week and woke up one night to shocks every time we touched metal on the frame of the camper, including the door. I mentioned it to family who were staying at the next site over and they had shocks when touching the door and the ground (from outside). I asked our other neighbor who also received shocks outside his 5th wheel when touching metal. Knowing three of us had issues we alerted the ranger who sent out an electrician. They were pulling voltage from the ground. After playing with each of the three sites, when our camper was unplugged the issues stopped. They used a meter on our plug and we're gaining readings when touching one side of the plug along with the ground so they isolated it to us. I am not sure what might be causing this stray voltage from our camper but I am afraid to plug it in again. I checked wires and didn't see any frayed, etc. We have a battery on it now, no hot water heater or AC on this unit. Any ideas of why this might happen? Thank you in advance.
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    From what I understand, the campground plug is not properly wired or if multiple pedestals are involved could be a complete wiring problem. One reason why I installed a Progressive Industries EMS HW30C electrical protection device. If everything is not correct, it will tell you and stop the power from the pedestal.
    This might help:
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    Sep 1, 2012
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  4. WeRJuliIan

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    Just because unplugging your camper "made the problem go away", that doesn't make it your problem. Did they actually test the pedestal outlet after you unplugged?
    As tombiasi suggested, reversed connections or maybe a non-bonded neutral.

    I'd still second the suggestion to get yourself a protector, or at the very least an outlet tester, to be used before you plug in.

    Ian, the electric man from Scotland
  5. SteveP

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    May 21, 2015
    Was this your first time camping with this trailer?
  6. Billie Streich

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    Jul 29, 2017
    Thank you all for the great info. We have camped in this unit many times and almost always have power. I got home and plugged it into a GFI outlet which tripped several times. When I finally got it not to trip it would not turn on inside lights and the frame was throwing voltage again. There must be a short somewhere. I can't find any frayed wires under the frame either. Not sure what's causing this. Also- I disconnected the battery before performing this test to isolate the issue.
  7. SteveP

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    May 21, 2015
    The first thing I would do is find an installation manual or wiring schematic for your converter and power panel. Then, with the battery disconnected and the shore power line unplugged, turn off all the 110 breakers in the power panel. Unplug all 110 devices plugged into the pup outlets, including the air conditioner. Plug the shore power back into your gfi circuit. If the gfi pops start tracing the wires from the breakers to the shore power plug. If it doesn't, start turning on breakers one at a time, checking the gfi for each one, until the gfi pops. If you have a MAIN breaker turn that one one first. The breaker that causes the gfi to pop is on the circuit that has the problem.
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