First long trip with the PUP!

Discussion in 'Let me tell you about my trip' started by Strat1127, Jul 11, 2019.

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    Apr 5, 2017
    Hi all,

    We've had our pop up now for three years and although we camp regularly, we have not gone more than a few hundred miles or so at once. That being said, we are heading to Disney next week, pop up in tow! It's about a 2500 mile round trip from here in Connecticut to Orlando and back. Suffice to say, I am a bit nervous but also fairly confident we'll make the trip without any major issues.

    To prepare, I have changed and packed the bearings and replaced all the tires (including the spare) with new Carlisle 12" radials rated at 81MPH. I am having the brakes serviced in the next few days and plan on having extra grease, bearings and a second spare tire on hand for the trip.

    Any words of wisdom or advice from any of you veterans out there? Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Just have fun and take your time. I would buy a temperature gage so when you stop you can monitor the temperature of the tires. Try to estimate your gas stops before hand if possible. Less worries if your keeping to the interstate though. If
    your trip has tunnels or something you may have to make a detour or at minimum turn off your propane. Some bridges may have their own rules as well. So keep your eye out for signs and be prepared to get off your scheduled route.
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    Im doing the same for the first time in october from NJ. Just pay attention to the bridges, i think one you cant go over with propane at all( around the dc area , there are supposedly signs and a workaround that costs 30 minutes). Hit dc before or after the traffic. And if you are not going non stop make sure the hotel / motel you stop at can accommodate your camper. If your stopping at a campground, disregard that. Lol. Im also taking 2 spares, just make sure you can jack up your pup, not all flats are on level ground. I bring extra wood for under the jack just in case. Every thing else is standered stuff, tires inflated, etc. Only other thing i did, was some early maintenance on the TV , i figurrd it would need to be done after the trip, so i did it beforehand. Are you staying at the fort, if so post some pucters and a trip report! Good luck and have fun!
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    Sep 2, 2017
    We just took a fairly long trip (1,500 miles round trip) and had no issues. I had installed two new tires & repacked the bearings before the trip. I also double-checked the hitch ball & socket tightness to ensure the ball wouldn't pop off on a big bump. Watch your speed, and be sure your tires are fully inflated, and you should be fine.
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