Going Solar, Renogy 100-watt Folding Suitcase Panel Kit

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  1. sailorguy1

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    Mar 27, 2015
    Best connectors around are by Powerwerx with 10 gauge wire
    folding panel with mppt controller works great and moves to the sunlight a fixxed panel adds to the power when not in the shade
    mount a 100 watts on the roof with Solar Panel Universal 4-corner Drill-free Glue Mounting Brackets for Rv amazon or hose clamps to the roof rack
    CT-75 PP75/SB50 Powerpole Crimping Tool for 75 & 50 amp
    Boot-SB50 Corrosion Proof Safety Boot for SB50 Amp Housings
    DUST-SB50 Dust Cover for SB50 Amp Housings
    5952 PP75/SB50 Loose Piece Contact (Gauge: 8)
    5900 PP75/SB50 Loose Piece Contact (Gauge: 6) used to marry to 10 gauge wires together
    5913 Reducing Bushings for Powerpoles (Series: PP75/SB50, Use with Contact (Gauge): 5900 (6), Reduces to Wire Gauge: 14 or 16)
    Wire-RB-10-50 Red/Black Zip Cord (Gauge: 10, Length: 50 ft.)
    SB50-10-BLK SB50 SB Series 50 Amp Anderson Powerpole Kit (Color: Black, Gauge: 10)
    This set up give plenty of power for Cpap and most anything you wish to run
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    Nov 26, 2012
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    Silly question, but is there any reason you could not put some plastic over the controller to make it waterproof? Maybe even put the controller in a plastic box and bring the wires out of a grommet?

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