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Discussion in 'Pennsylvania' started by Salandrew, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. Salandrew

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    Apr 27, 2016
    Bolivar, PA
    Hi! I normally do not post reviews, especially bad ones. But we want our fellow campers to have good experiences while they are camping. We do have a 32' hard side trailer. But we think a lot of this stuff would pertain to you pop ups too. We pulled in to the campground Friday in the pouring down rain. The site they gave us is a pull thru, yeah! It is so uneven. We have the front jack all the way out, we have the stabilizers all the way extended. When we were setting up a nice gentleman helped us level in the rain. I was upset with the site and asked for a better site. He told me that we do not want to move this is a good site. We finally got set up and spent the next day and a half without too many problems. The bathrooms are gross, mildew smelling and dark. Then this evening we were making dinner and I noticed the one tree has a huge split in it and these HUGE bees are coming out of it. It is dark by now and they are flying out and bunching up around the outside lights. I have 2 kids and a dog to worry about. We drove up to the office hoping to get some help. It was closed, of course, went to the bed and breakfast and knocked, no answer. Called the numbers and no answer. We cannot find any emergency numbers anywhere. I don't understand why there isn't an emergency number or contact. Thankfully, it's not a huge emergency, but it is not right. So while the campground itself is quiet and our site is big, but a few of the other things are enough that we won't be back.

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    I do agree the bees are bad at this campground. As for the campsites, there are lots to choose from some way better than others, grant you there are limited full hook up sites so best to scope it out. Bathhouses are in need of an update but one is newer and better than the others. For the amount we pay I would expect better, but in my opinion it is a decent campground. My little side kick loves; The pool, playground, and rolling hill and the DJ. The dog park is really nice too. Sadly the office does have limited hours and no emergency numbers. For first timers it may be best to arrive early so you have a chance to scope your site out and deal with any issues if any. My parents are semi seasonal campers at this campground. We've been going here for as long as I can remember. There was a time when this whole place was falling apart, and now under the new ownership they have been slowly trying to improve things. Not as quickly as I would like, but it's better then it was. I don't camp here as often anymore as I prefer state parks. However it's still a regular on our list.
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    Thanks for the review Andy, when we go next year we'll stay at another place. See you in September.
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    Apr 27, 2016
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    Barry, have fun! There were 2 other campground close to where we were. They seemed busier than ours. By Monday afternoon, I could only see about a dozen sites being used. It was kind of sad...
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