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Discussion in 'Camp Driveway' started by FARfetched, Feb 8, 2019.

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    921C07B2-5703-4213-BF9F-8560824FB22D.jpeg Mason and I decided to brave the low 30s tonight. Phone decided to turn our picture sideways. :rolleyes: The Buddy heater is slowly warming things up from our initial 48F, it’s 58F now (39 outside).

    First thing we learned, don’t forget the cranks! On a more positive note, I found if I level the door side about an inch higher than the road side, the door goes together without a single hiccup. That’s a big deal; the door has been a problem up to now. The LED bulbs I put in the overhead fixtures really light it up the inside!

    We’ll be doing normal weekend stuff, and break down Sunday afternoon.
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  2. Sjm9911

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    May 31, 2018
    Looks like fun!
  3. nineoaks2004

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    Oct 15, 2006
    Graceville, Florida
    A stated so many times, every day camping is a new adventure. Sounds like you are having fun and making memories. The Lad has a great big grin so all is well. Good Luck and Keep on camping
  4. FARfetched

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    A few lessons from the weekend:
    • I knew I was going to forget the cranks someday. This was the best time to do it. I need to make some checklists. I'm getting better at setting up and breaking down, though.
    • The heater (Little Buddy) ran a little longer than its claimed 5 hrs on a 1lb propane canister. I ran it about three hours the first night, and it ran three more the second before expiring. The electric space heater the PO left with the camper would only run for a few seconds before cycling off, even with its thermostat on high. I'm going to try one of our own space heaters next time. Lows were 34F Saturday morning and 37F Sunday morning; it was about 52F inside the pup each morning. (I brought a thermometer.)
    • A lot of things I thought were in the pup… weren't. Shoulda wrote down what was there when I was sorting through it. I've made a list.
    • The porta-pot was a big help at night. Who wants to run outside to pee, especially when it's near freezing, when you don't have to?
    • I finally figured out what the manual calls the "porch light." There wasn't a switch inside, so I assumed I didn't have one, but there's this big red light next to the door… and I finally realized the switch is on the fixture! That should help.
    Looking at the school calendar, late March has an early release day one Thursday and no school the next day… giving us a 3-1/2 day weekend. Now I need to reserve a campsite and pray for dry weather. :D
  5. generok

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    Feb 7, 2013
    Anchorage, AK
    Yup, a $25 space heater is going to be your best friend if you have sites with power. I've been able to keep my PUP toasty with a single space heater down to about 28.
  6. roybraddy

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    Mar 23, 2016
    King George, Virginia
    I picked up a couple of the low profile electric heaters that are oil filled type. These would be probably the safest type of portable heater you can have in the trailer. There is no visible flame or hot cores to deal with...

    Google image...

    I also carry a separate 20-amp extension cord and plug this into the 20AMP Service on the camp ground pedestal. Then this will not take away anything from you 30A service connection...

    This low profile is great to use with my 02-Cool low profile fan sitting behind it if you want to blow some warm air around the room...

    Google image

    We have always had a problem using the built-in propane heater as it is way to much heat for our POPUP. Runs us out haha...

    We have always done the back yard camping trying out anything new to us. Nice to have all of that figured out before being committed to the woods somewhere with no WALMART or LOWES close by hehe...

    Roy Ken

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