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    Aug 8, 2015
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    I do not have a truck. I either tow with my Magnum or my new Aspen. I have no room for a big grill in the TV once the other stuff is loaded. However, my trailer has the flip over galley, which does allow for some storage underneath. The Roadtrip fits in there in its bag with grill plates and such. The stand lives in the front storage trunk. I have a 3-burner Coleman lpg stove that fits perfect in the dinette bench storage. The Weekender can slide in under stuff in the trailer as well.

    The big 3-burner camp chef stoves would fit in my trailer, but only just barely and due to the longer length may be more of a pain to maneuver, and would eat up additional storage space.

    My camp kitchen tables all live in the front storage trunk as well. The Weber Q also travels there. My chuck boxes are too big to fit anywhere but in the TV. I do have a larger Pelican case that I have slowly been adapting to a small chuck box. It sits in the stairwell quite nicely.
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    Jul 20, 2016
    I consider mine a mid-size stove. In the bag, it's 40lb, and takes up space near the door in the PUP while traveling. I could fit it in my van if need be also.
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