Hocking Hills State Park - May 2013

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  1. Keithsbabe

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    Mar 10, 2012
    My husband, three year old son and I just finished six nights and seven days at Hocking Hills State Park (aka Old Man's Cave) campground. We made reservations in late February for Memorial Day Monday through the following Sunday. It was too late for Memorial Day weekend reservations!

    Getting There
    The campground is pretty far out in the middle of nowhere. Logan is the closest town with amenities (Walmart, gas stations, fast food, etc.) and the last place our cell phones would catch a signal. The roads are curvy and hilly. We saw a few TVs at the campground that had overheated while pulling their bigger campers. We took it slow and had no issues, but be sure your TV is truly rated for your pup

    Check In / Camp Store
    Check in was a breeze. Although there are 20+ walk in sites, we had reservations. There is no cost to enter the park. The staff at the store are friendly, although not all terribly knowledgable about the area. Ice, souvenirs, firewood and the like are all available and typically priced. DNR is also around frequently, and all of the officers we encountered were wonderful. There is also a water hookup located here, on level ground.

    The campground is atop a huge hill. Right at the entrance, on top of the hill on a slope is a water hookup. If you go right, you head toward the walk in sites and the sewer dump / third water hookup. These sites (reservable and walk in) stretch pretty far back, all along a main drag. Sites are mostly level with narrow asphalt pads, a picnic table and a fire ring. All have electric hookups, as well. Some are well shaded, some are not.

    If you go left at the entrance, there is a main drag and three loops. Sites along the main drag all look narrow and most have a minimal slope. Along the loops, sites are larger, more are more level and traffic is less. We marked sites we would never use, due to slope, so feel free to PM if you have a question. All sites have a fire ring, one picnic table and an electric hookup.

    There is a pool for campground guests only. It was too cold for us (having only been open for the weekend after a cold spring) but was very well maintained. There are two slides, a deep end, a shallow end, and a separate kiddie pool. There is no cost to use the pool.

    On the opposite side of the campground is a modern play structure, swingset, basketball court, horseshoe pit and sand volleyball court. There are a few other swingsets located throughout the campground. There is an amphitheater where a movie was scheduled for Saturday night, but was rained out.

    Across the parking lot from the pool is a laundry facility. Two washing machines and two dryers are available. It costs $1.25 to wash and $1.25 to dry one load. But the machines worked well!

    Bath Houses
    There are three modern shower houses. They are spread out and are a hike from many sites. But, they are well maintained. The one by the pool is the nicest, with lockable individual shower stalls and marble tile. The other two have individual shower stalls with curtains, flushable toilets and soap at the sinks. The showers are all the type where you push the button and water flows for maybe a minute and then stops. The water was never ice cold, but alternated between lukewarm and really hot, and you cannot control that. The bathrooms were swabbed out every day, and other than the requisite moths, very few bugs.

    My husband reports that the pit toilets (much more plentiful) were clean, well lit and had zero smell. I did not try them!

    Other Things :)
    There is no Internet service, and our old school non-smart cell phones could receive and respond to texts, but could not send originating texts or make or receive calls.

    There are grey water dump stations within every loop and along the main drags. This is awesome, since there is no sewer hookup. We drained our sink into a five gallon bucket, which was dumped throughout the day.

    There are dumpsters within every loop and along the main drag as well.

    We did not see any raccoons or bears, or even any evidence of them, but we keep our site very clean and all of our food locked away. There was a crow that frequented our site and after a heavy rain we found a little frog on the handrail next to our door!!

    The CG itself doesn't offer many activities, but the surrounding parks, all within a twenty minute drive, have plenty. There is always hiking, and we attended a DNR guided stream stomp.

    There are two general stores outside of the CG. Overpriced to be sure, but when your kiddo drinks all the milk, well...you get the idea. However, they also have fishing licenses, snacks and first aid supplies.

    There are VIPs (CG hosts) at three or four sites. They were all friendly and helpful (spraying the wasps in our electric box, since hubby is deathly allergic) and tool about camp in gators throughout the day. DNR also patrols frequently, which I appreciate!

    Monday through Thursday we had very few neighbors and the place was extremely quiet and peaceful. Over the weekend the CG was full of all kinds of people, which is to be expected.

    Overall I cannot say enough good things about HHSP. Feel free to PM if you have specific questions, but we are fairly certain this will become our family's traditional spring vacation! We especially loved it during the week. It is a great place!
  2. mamabean5

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    Oct 7, 2009
    We just returned from 6 days at Hocking Hills. The state park is gorgeous, definitely a 'must see'. Click on the [CAM] in my profile-- I took a lot of campsite photos, the campground map, and added a few of the park highlights, ie; Ash Cave, etc. Hope this helps the next person in planning their trip!
  3. JoeJ

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    Sep 7, 2013
    We were unable to stay at the state park due to getting reservations made to late for fall break. We stayed at a small private CG happy hills that was very close to the park. They had nice sites and amenities. HHSP was very nice with great trails. I did think the park was hard to navigate due to the size and lack of signs but that just adds to the adventure. Lol
  4. mamabean5

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    Oct 7, 2009
    Heartbreaking for all of us who dearly loved the Lodge at Hocking Hills.
  5. tenttrailer

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    Jul 18, 2013
    Thornville, OH
    omg, we camped there many of times. Almost every year. But I dont think we have ever been by the lodge.
  6. highside pup

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    Feb 26, 2012
    Ate there during the rally a few years ago, excellent. I read where they intend to rebuild immediately.
  7. mamabean5

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    Oct 7, 2009
    They said they plan to rebuild but in the meantime you can visit them at Lake Hope Lodge.

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