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  1. theseus

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    Feb 6, 2007
    Centerville, OH
    Having installed multiple DSI Suburban Water heaters, the above statement is inaccurate. Suburban water heaters have an anode in the drain plug. The manufacturer says to always use one.

    My choice for a water heater is the Suburban SW6DE. It's DSI and electric, using either source or both.
  2. crackerJack

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    Jan 6, 2014
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    I installed the Suburban SW6D. I leave it full of water during camping season. I am very happy with it.
    Gas will outperform electric water heaters, hands down. The 6 gallons are heated very quickly. IMO, I don’t see the need for a tankless on a camper.
    If I did, I would install one that fits in the OEM slot.

    Residentially, the big benefit to a tankless is, endless hot water, as well as energy savings. What marketing doesn’t tell you, is that the energy savings are extremely relevant to your usage. For a typical home of one or two people, a brand spanking new 2000$ tankless water heater will not save you much at all. For a home with a large family, many showers and loads of laundry, the savings and convenience is very significant.
    I use to sell and install them. :)
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    Oct 18, 2017
    I preferred the Attwood over the Suburban due to the inside of the tank being coated with aluminum to keep it fron corrosion. I did add an anode and swapped out the 1400 watt electric element for a smaller 1000 watt unit.
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    Mar 23, 2016
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    We do real good with our 6-gallon HOT WATER heater. I can run it on Propane but being a small floor space doesn't have enough room to support a stand-up shower setup. We do have the POTTY/SHOWER Combo setup and love having the Potty but the shower is setup with a hand wand and really only works good while sitting on the POTTY taking your shower.

    There is only the two of us adults in our camper but having kids would be bigger task keeping all cleaned up...

    We normally just wash-up at the sink and usually can find a shower at the camp ground...

    My floor plan shown here has a privacy pull curtain that starts at the right hand side of the access door and goes across the POPUP over the storage cabinet. I wish this privacy would include the sink area so one could have privacy doing a wash-up at the sink area.


    Pull curtain ceiling mounted rails above the POTTY/SHOWER Combo unit...

    Small footprint trailers sure have their challenges I guess haha... I still wouldn't have it any other way..

    I carry a 5-gallon fresh water jug and two 7-gallon Aqua-tainer jugs to transport fresh and waste sink water with. Also have a folding two wheel tote... All part of having what you need to make things work better.

    Roy Ken
  5. theseus

    theseus Centerville, OH

    Feb 6, 2007
    Centerville, OH
    Suburban lines their tanks with porcelain. Between the porcelain and the anode rod, it is not likely to corrode. Quite frankly, most water heaters, if properly cared for, don't wear out.

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