How does my door attach?

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    Jun 12, 2018
    Hi Everyone!
    I am brand new to the portal. We are renovating a 1998 jayco Acadia heritage. My hubby and I cannot for the life of us figure out how our door is supposed to be placed and stored. The only video I’ve found shows it should be attached to the ceiling on a track (we have a track, but it is not attached). And that the bottom is supposed to help by something on the ceiling. Ours is broken. It looks like the previous owner jerry-rigged some parts to get it to stay in place. I’ve attached some pictures. Anyone know what I need and where I can buy a new one?
    Thank you!

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  2. Raycfe

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    awelcome.jpg from the Connecticut shoreline.
    Not to familiar with this model jayco, Ours was not like this. It does look like the the plastic "shelf/socket" for the door is broken. Most doors stored like the, the bottom fits into the shelf/socket and there is a stepped wing retainer mounted to the roof that you would turn to hold the door tight into that shelf/socket.
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    The track setup looks kind of like what's in my Flagstaff, but there are two on mine. A small length of aircraft cable (stainless steel wire) "supports" the door as you guide it into place. That should be what that little piece in the track is for. Both ends of the wire have a ring terminal type of connection. There are two straps on the ceiling with the female side of a snap and the male part of the button in attached to the door frame. The door is full length (like your door appears to be) and is stored on the ceiling. Although my door has that type of piece with the slots that you have that black knob on, the slots are not used for anything. There are some latches that grab on the very top.
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    Jul 7, 2018
    Looks like you still have the clips in the ceiling track so you just need to get the thin wire to secure it to the door. I would use a screw. My door has two tracks and not only does it help store the door but it also makes it a one person job to place it. Epoxy might be able to fix up that pocket piece. I would use 2 part and put a thin piece of plastic behind where it’s torn. Assuming you can’t find that piece
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    HI Liz.. Welcome to the Portal... from South Carolina..

    So you are mostly looking for a way to STORE it? Am I understanding that correctly.

    I am sure the preferred method would be to REPLACE" the parts and have it look like the original, since your are renovating it.

    I see you are missing your "guide wires"...but since the track is there perhaps some "metal cable" from Lowes would work?

    Perhaps this 'Modification" will help to keep it in place, assuming you are able to use the "metal cables" for the track.

    I will pass this a long to you for your consideration..

    .... I did see a bit of a hack, that someone made and shared on here, because their door kept coming loose from the ceiling and tearing up things in their PUP..

    I'll will see if I can find that video for you. It might be something you would want to consider, if you are not able to find what you are looking for..

    donna. : )

    See if you can get to this modification through this link..

    If not.. use the "search function". TITLE is called..

    "Solution for crappy folding door"
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  6. RAC3CAR

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    Aug 29, 2018
    Did you ever figure out your door issues? I have a Jayco Heritage Rushmore with the same door setup. On mine there is a strap connected to the top of the door, and also connected to that piece in the track with a metal D ring. It slides to the left of the camper when storing the door, and there is a metal hinge above the door opening that secures the bottom of the door to the roof with another knob (that was missing on mine so I made something that works) when stored. Looks like you don't have that hinge there any longer though.

    When the door is installed for use, that white plate fits into a slot on the inside of the roof (broken and missing piece on yours, mine is cracked at the edges but still usable with a little repair), and those knobs are used to snug it up so it can't move. If you'd like I can get some pics of it for you sometime, it's set up in my backyard right now.

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