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Discussion in 'Leveling Your Camper' started by BirdsNest, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. BirdsNest

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    Jun 12, 2017
    Anybody tried this one yet? http://www.campingworld.com/shopping/item/kojack-leveler/94165

    I found it while looking for a definite answer whether I can use the BAL on the big tires on my StarCraft 13RT. I was able to contact someone at Norco and they said that it might be possible to squeeze the BAL under the monster truck tires on my trailer, but it's very unlikely even after spreading the arms a bit...

    The Kojack looks pretty similar to the BAL, but is rated for up to 2200 pounds per wheel versus 1750 (I think) on the BAL, and purplelineusa.com (the manufacturer) says it takes tires up to 245/65R17 compared to the 13-15" inches supported by the BAL. That's a total tire diameter up to 29.54 inches and tire width of up to 9.64. The tires on my 13RT are 28.88 inches across and 9.25 inches wide, so that seems like a much better fit than the BAL. It does cost more, but it might have to become part of my future budget if its quality approaches that of the BAL.

    One thing I really like about the Kojack is that it has the ability to adjust the width built into the frame so it can be "custom fit" to the tire as long as the tire isn't too big or too small. The adjustable range doesn't look very wide, but it's nice to be able to snug it up (or loosen it a bit) to fit the tire properly.

    It looks like the potential weak point is the flexible joint at the top of the screw which adds convenience but also adds another potential failure point. Although if it's properly hardened steel, that shouldn't matter too much...

    edit: I just noticed that the Kojack also includes a carry/storage bag, which is super nice since that seems to be one of the biggest complaints about the BAL.
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  2. f5moab

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    May 7, 2013
    Eastern Idaho
    Other than then being adjustable for a larger size tire and a swivel on top, a BAL is just as good and from the looks, the BAL looks heavier duty. I guess if I was in the market I would look at it, but my BAL is about five years old and has never failed.
    But yes, the BAL should include a storage bag. I guess many get the thermo pizza containers; I just fasten it to the front deck on my trailer for transportation.
  3. BirdsNest

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    Jun 12, 2017
    I would go for the BAL if I could since it's well known and tested, but I can't use it unless my tires go on a diet, so I'm seriously considering picking up the Kojack to try it out and hopefully be able to give it a thorough review.
  4. Sneezer

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    Aug 8, 2015
    DFW, TX
    I have 13" tires on mine and the bal just fits. This looks to be a better solution for larger tires and it works better for duals as well.

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