Leak only while driving in the rain

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  1. vermeire

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    Aug 19, 2016
    We just got back from our first trip with our NTU 08 Jayco 1007; 19 days in New England and Canada. It was great. We had a couple small issues that either have been or will be easy fixes. The big one that I need help with is our PUP roof does not seem to align properly when we are lowering and latching the roof. Because of this we had water come in while we were driving. Only the front seems to be an issue. I can't do a picture right now but I'll try to describe what I think the problem is.

    There is a strip of rubber in the front of the roof and it is very clear that it is supposed to rest on a ridge on the front edge of the front wall. It doesn't, the front of the roof bows outward so that at the center there is an 1/8 - 1/4" gap between the rubber and the front wall. We got to the point that my wife and I would try to push the front of the roof inward while the kids closed the latches in an attempt to line everything up but it did not work well. It seemed that as the latches were closed and the roof was pulled down the last bit the front would bow worse. Has anyone ever dealt with something similar? On a Jayco specifically? I've searched both on the forum and google. I only found one page that talked about something similar and there was not good information on how that individual resolved it.

    One thought that I have is to add additional weather stripping to increase the area that the roof has to make contact with when it is closed. While this would most likely solve my problem I would rather get the factory parts to operate as designed. I appreciate any and all suggestions on getting this resolved. I would really love to hear from someone who may have dealt with my exact problem and gotten it fixed.
  2. 1380ken

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    Nov 7, 2013
    My pop up has the same issue. All my roofs side boards have a bow to them but there is no rot or water damage to them. The only way to really fix them would be to replace the wood. I am lucky that in four years I have only towed in the rain once. If I have to tow in the rain again, I am going to wrap the seam in duct tape.
  3. Morgan23

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    Feb 21, 2011
    We had a similar issue with the front of our 93 Coleman Destiny. It makes sense that there might be bowing or warping since the sidewalls and roof of PUPs are made of wood. Our problem was more noticeable when we added a mattress topper to our front bunk, but we still had a small gap if we didn't have the topper on. We ended up adding another piece of generic weatherstripping from the hardware store to seal the gap
  4. Stircrayzy

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    Jun 23, 2017
    My 99 jayco doesn't seal well in the front either. Just this weekend towed 4 hours in the rain and had a couple wet cushions inside.
    We also have an extra 2" topper over the factory height mattress, and have a tough time getting the front latches closed.
    Two odd things, I noticed even before the extra topper when i forst bought it...
    1. The front bunk aluminum framing bows down in the middle at front and back of the bunk. It rides the roller pretty good and drops down behind it a half half inch or so when pushed in.
    This is opposite of the rear bunk which barely touches the roller, and always rests a half inch above when closed.
    2. There is an indentation on the top interior of the roof from closing on the bunk end support bar.

    Either of these might be symptom of the root problem and I really don't know what to make of it yet. I do get the slight misalignment at the very bottom of travel, and the roof needs a bump sideways to finish latching down over the vertical support bases. Latching with the extra topper, means someone basically hanging from the roof corner while I get the latch.
    I'm considering the epoxy roof coatings shown around on the site here, and figured I could add an extra small flange from the fro t edge, but still isn't really getting to the root of the issue. Also I notice wrinkles on the front leading panel that are worse when closed down. I can only assume the bed sitting behind the panel is putting tension on it.
    So I think I have some options and maybe in the spirit of brainstorming for the OP's sake.
    Add an extended roof flange to incorporate additional seal.

    Rebuild the entire front panel to match the new roof flange. I'd like some diamondplate but there isn't much structure behind it to attach to.

    Straighten the bunk frame, but this will gain extra pressure on the roof when closing.
  5. generok

    generok Well-Known Member

    Feb 7, 2013
    Anchorage, AK
    My 96 Jayco Eagle 8 has a similar issue. The rubber seal is worn down to a nubbin, and it doesn't make contact with the lip of the bottom shell.

    I did two things that really helped.

    1. I used some white duct tape and went across the front seam and let the tape hang down below the roof lip about 1". That helped a lot since I later found it wasn't rain, it was road spray that was getting up in there.

    2. I bought some foam weather stripping and stuck it to the seal up in the roof along the front seam. That REALLY helped. So much so that I removed the duct tape and don't seem to get too much in the crack any more.

    My problem wasn't bow forward, but bow up. I often can't get a latch tight enough to get the top of the roof to rest on the lip. The weatherstripping has helped fix that issue,

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