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    My family stayed from Friday 8/5 through Sunday 8/7 at Salisbury Beach State Reservation, in Salisbury Beach State Reservation. We were in W19. Here's a review.

    Location: The northeastern most point of Massachusetts, bordering New Hampshire. (Up near where you think Maine touches Mass) The campground is where the Merrimack River meets the Ocean. (Note, there is no swimming in the river, just the ocean)

    Features: Huge 3.8 mile long beach. 481 sites with water and electric, and recently updated comfort stations. Onsite, well appointed camp store.

    Atmosphere: Utilitarian. Most sites there are open fields (or close) with no shade. Sandy ground, makes for staking the awning interesting. The sea breeze makes staking required. Spacing was decent, but it's hard to tell where one site ends, and the next begins. I think I actually ended up more in my neighbors campsite than I thought. Each spot has a pad for the camper/car. People were friendly, lots of families. Each site has it's own power pole, and some sites have two (Figure that one out).

    Sites are categorized as Tent / Tent - Tent Trailer / 30amp sites / 50 amp sites. Each site has a max length allowed. (Not a problem with a PUP)

    Water was the furthest away from the Pad, needed a 50ft hose. Electric hooked up with no extension cord.

    Good mix of PUP's, Big rigs, and Hybrids.

    When I went, the park was at capacity.

    Bathroom review:Bathrooms were modern,and when I went very clean. It looked like they had painted an epoxy over the cinder-block, leaving a very smooth, easily cleaned surface.

    There was a nature center in the CG, we did not visit.

    Overall impression: One of the best beaches in the state. Huge waves at high tide. The beach is walking distance from the entire campground, but obviously the higher letters rows (A, B, C) are much closer. Very large playground on the beach as well. During the summer, the local chamber of commerce has concerts on the beach, fires off fireworks every night at 10:15 for 15 minutes over the boardwalk. You can see them from the entire campground. The boardwalk is at the camp entrance. It's a little run down, but it features a couple of arcades, a bunch of restaurants, a go-kart track, and some "Pizza" Joints. (Most of them were serving reheated pizza, so I use the term loosely).

    SPUT of the trip: A skunk walked up and decided to see what was in my trashbag that I had not properly secured. Only thing to do was wait it out till he lost interest, and then properly secure it.

    Camp Map:


    Campground URL:
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    This is on my list, but only late August. That water is cold!
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    Yup it is But the campground isn't. Bring the awning & Tanning Lotion.
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    Salisbury pizza brings back memories. Just like the roller palace pizza it tastes the same forty years later. It is like a slice of bread with ketchup and a slice of cheese on it.
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    I have to goto Cristy's every time I hit the Beach.
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    I will not be camping here for the first time in many years this year. I usually camp in A , B , C and D lines. I like the A the best as you can walk to the water and the sites are massive.
    I also like the ones with higher numbers which puts you right by the water. I love the pizza and fried dough balls . I did do fisherman memorial and scusset beach this year .

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