Montréal RV Show March 1st-4th 2018

Discussion in 'RV Shows' started by Chrismtl, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. Chrismtl

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    Any members planning to attend? I'll be there with my Bud on the Saturday. Wondering if there are any decent deals on some smaller items (Fresh water cap, electric flap, fresh water hose etc.). Let me know if you plan on attending, maybe we could meet up!
  2. Chrismtl

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    Bump! Happening this week have plans to be there Saturday evening.
  3. Chrismtl

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    I went. I saw. I left. There were some massive trailers there, a lot of travel trailers. Quite a few motor homes. I saw maybe 4 hybrid trailers and maybe 6 pop-ups, the largest being 8ft floor. I was hoping to score some great "show sale" deals on some accessories I'm needing, but the one retailer with accessories had nothing of that I needed. Most of the stuff they had were for dual axle trailers or sewage hookup.

    I did leave with a bag full of pamphlets for campgrounds. One of which has actually made DW and I decide that for our week off in August we are going to book 6 nights at Fundy national park.

    Can't say I'll be going back to this show in the future. Certainly doesn't cater to my style of camping. The need for 3 TV'S and a fireplace isn't what I consider "getting away".

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