My neighbors made me laugh this morning...

Discussion in 'Camp Driveway' started by dbhost, Apr 26, 2019.

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    Mar 26, 2018
    Me too! The rules seemed reasonable when I read them before moving in, but the board was full of retirees on power trips who decided their new full-time job was policing the neighborhood. President was our neighbor and would find ANY excuse to harass us. Example: we were required to remove trash bins from the street "in a timely manner" -- trash was picked up just after I left for work in the morning so the bin would have to stay there until I got home which was often pretty late and I'd come home to a nasty email from "the association" stating that I needed to move it and I would be fined if it continued to happen.

    They actually did fine the neighbor on the other side of me because when she had double knee replacement surgery because the lady walking her dogs left some little baggies of dog poop on her porch for a couple days. $250!! And they had to have been snooping on her to even see them as they couldn't be seen from the street.

    They also called the police on us when we got a new dog. We had been home all day but left for about half an hour to run errands and left him in his crate. They told the police he had been "barking all day" -- we asked our other neighbor and she said he had barked for MAYBE 5 minutes and even then she could barely hear him.

    Lots of other stuff too ... trying to make us to buy a $600 railing for our two front steps so we all had matching ones, forcing us to cut down trees then complaining about the mess while we cleaned up over the weekend, neighbor planted rose bushes in her front yard (oh, the humanity!), just endless nonsense. And they didn't even do a good job taking care of things. They resealed the driveway EVERY year unnecessarily then didn't have money to replace the 30yo roof and did a special levy -- I sold the place before I'd have to pay the additional $3600 (!!!!) fee.

    Wow, sorry for the huge rant, I just would never live anywhere they could tell me what I can do with my own property again. Now I live on 10 acres in the middle of nowhere and our township rules are hilariously basic - pretty much you can't build anything less than 20ft from your property line and you have to get a permit if you want to start a cemetery or an airstrip. [LOL]
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    Jun 15, 2018
    NEVER will you find my arse living in an HOA hood, I'd camp permanently before subjecting myself to the crap I see/hear across the road from us; a developer bought 15 acres across from us on the ridge top & developed 45 lots & started throwing up homes...3/4 of the lots now have houses on 'em all crammed together, & a couple of genuine arse hats reside there; they like to measure the grass etc, & walk around pointing out stuff they don't like, one of 'em walked by the house heading down the ridge & stopped & started asking me about some of the homes on our road & was scoffing at flamingos in flower beds, lawn ornaments, etc...I told him in a semi nice way not be concerned, that some of us were veterans, & still believed in freedom, & that he needed to worry about HIS living space...being almost across from the entrance to "Commieville", I soon had flamingos, a giant arse tortoise, a concrete rabbit, & cinder blocks painted in red/white/blue out front, tastefully placed of course [8D]...several neighbors followed suit, dude fumed but never spoke again...most of the folks over there are cool, & now have level heads running the HOA, & the whiner recently moved...I offer no apologies for my outburst...:wink:
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    May 22, 2019
    Good thing I don't live in an HOA - I just took down the last string of Christmas lights yesterday. And that's only because we're getting new siding next month and the contractor asked me if they should just reside around the lights or if I'd like them to take them down for me...

    Over the past 14 years I've lived in 2 different houses in town, both on 50' wide lots. No HOAs in either place; they're old neighborhoods that predate the idea you need another level of government on top of the city telling you what to do. I certainly don't always agree with what my neighbors do with their properties, but they probably don't agree with what I do either. To me, the variety makes the neighborhood interesting, and I prefer that to the subdivisions where all the houses are 1 of 4 designs and all painted some shade of tan or grey. To each his own.
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