New pup... a LOT to do!

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    So... my pup is brand new, just picked it up Wednesday afternoon, so there's a LOT of things to do! On Wednesday when we got her home, we did an initial setup, and after supper I spent time finding places for all the "infrastructure" - things I've bought that will STAY in the pup so we don't have to think as much when planning a trip. Dishes, cutlery, camp chairs, screen room, extra camp stove (for the screen room), bins (both for storage and for washing dishes), etc. After doing that, I got some practice doing a solo takedown (hubby was napping).

    Also did a fair bit of looking around the pup, envisioning things I can do to "make it my own". Not quite ready for PopupPrincess, lol, but thinking of more practical concerns. Things like hinges on the under-seat storage covers, and adding extra protection for some of the component-things that are semi-exposed inside what COULD be storage compartments. For instance, there are 3 drawers next to the door, but there's a space below them where some of the wiring for the sound system is just lying there - thinking I should be able to arrange things so I could store something there without worrying about harming the wiring. And making sure the water pump (inside one of the seat compartments) is properly protected while still accessible, so as to be able to use some of THAT space as storage also.

    Then there are some minor fit-and-finish issues, being as Rockwood is on the low end of the price-point spectrum, that I should also be able to resolve on my own. I did purchase a 7-year extended warranty for the pup, because it has a lot of systems on it that could be expensive to repair or replace if something goes wrong - water heater, furnace, fridge, stove, water system, electrical. Things I'm not very familiar with yet. I expect there are those who will say the extended warranty is perhaps a waste of money, but it seemed to be a good idea for peace of mind.

    Tomorrow I'll set it up again, remove the curtains and mattresses, and after making sure it's all buttoned up, I'll get it good and wet with the garden hose, and check for leaks (this is also recommended to cause the thread of the seams to swell and seal the needle holes). When I'm satisfied there are no leaks, I'll return the curtains and mattresses and get ready for our first night in it (at Camp Driveway). It's plugged into shore power, and we've got the fridge running, so we'll see how cold it gets, and also do a pre-run of the furnace and the outside BBQ (to get rid of off-gassing due to the newness).

    When it gets dark, we'll check out all the lights and make sure there are no issues there. I've already tried most of them, and everything checks out. Want to make sure I know where every switch is and what it does.

    Want to make sure everything is ready for our first REAL camping trip Sept. 9-10. Looking forward to THAT!
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    Sounds like a good plan. Enjoy.
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    Congrats on the new pup. It sounds like you have a good handle on things. Camp driveway is a great way to see what does/doesn't work for you. Happy camping!

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