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    Close to Lowe's sounds good.
    The one time I did raise my roof by myself, I had to take breaks in between. Taking it down was fine. So if I put more weight up there, it probably wouldn't budge. I have a vent, but no fan. I need something small. Ebay has a really small tabletop air conditioner. I'm sure it doesn't put out much air, but with ice, it might help a little.

    Do you have a small generator? Those at Harbor Freight are cheap and there are some threads about putting a muffler on it to quiet it down. I thought about solar panels, but the camper would have to be parked in the sun and if possible, I'd definitely be in the shade so that would defeat the purpose of the solar panels.
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    I carry a 2kw Generator secured in the covered and lockable tail gate corner of my truck bed. My Generator goes where i go and has been real handy to have around. I am always running into public camping areas around here on the East side of the US with generator run time restrictions so I can't really count on one when i really need it haha... I just use my generator to connect tpo my OFF-ROAD Trailer to charge up the on-board Batteries at 8AM each morning... This will take around three hours of generator run time but then i am good to go again the next day/night run off my batteries.

    I don't even consider running any A/C off of solar panels... A 120WATT Solar Panel will only produce around 5-6 AMPS DC current which is way to small to run an air conditioner. Will take several panels to run an power inverter to run an air conditioner...

    I really haven't got very far in my solar panel s but I suspect the 120WATT panels will be more that 20 lbs for each panel. may be even more... I want to add two panels on each side of my fantastic fan mount for sure on the front end. Then I could add a third panel across the roof on the rear end... I have a pretty big battery bank and I will have to run the generator when I start out to get paste the 50AMPS DC Current part for the first hour then the batteries start tapering back and I can charge them the rest of the high sun day with a 20AMP DC current out of three or so solar panels. This would cut my generator time to only around an hour of run time and probably the rest of the day light time to get my batteries from the 50% charge state to the 90% charge state... Each of my batteries will then share the 20AMPS DC current to finish out the 90% charge state for several hours being in the high sun.

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