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Discussion in 'Ohio' started by rerobb, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. rerobb

    rerobb New Member

    Jun 6, 2010
    Going to Delaware state park next weekend, then going to the Bucyrus Bratwurst Festival on saturday. Gonna try to get in a round or to of frisbee golf too, maybe some swimming and fishing too. So much to do in just a short weekend.
  2. bjjohnstone

    bjjohnstone New Member

    Sep 1, 2009
    That IS a lot to do in one weekend. Good luck fitting it all in! We stayed at Delaware SP once last year. It's pretty nice there. I liked the walking trails. If you're not doing anything Sept 16-18, look up the info on the Ohio Fall Rally. A group of us from the portal will be at Indian Lake SP in area D. Should be a good time.
  3. Azuredoc

    Azuredoc Member

    Sep 3, 2012
    Just reporting on this State park. We have stayed at this park many times in the past for tent camping. We just stayed there this past weekend for our first trip in our NTU pup.

    We have always enjoyed this park. It has some very nice trails...a decent beachfront and separate marina...it also has a little fishing pond. We have always found the sites well tended and the bathrooms, although old, clean. Usually there are visible camp hosts keeping an eye out on things.

    There are several different loops...some are more open field like and some have more tree coverage. Our preference has always been for the first loop...many of the sites have nice tree coverage there.

    In our experience it tends to be a relatively quiet mix of families staying here and not a lot of rowdy hooligans. [;)]

    Hope this helps if anyone is interested!
  4. Mickeyrv

    Mickeyrv Week day camping is great

    Jul 22, 2012
    [TV] [HYC] Finally got the epdm rubber top washed and conditioned. The dealer wanted $350.00 to do it. The Comco product was less than $10.00 and only needed 1/2 the bottle. It took less than 1 hour to complete the job. The camper is ready to go and so am I. May 17-20 is less than 30 days away and the weather is starting to get nice. I'm gonna look into the canvass cover from popupgismos and see what one will cost for my fold down bunk end on my camper. (is that Hawaiian ham I smell ?) I am so ready for winter to be gone and summer to get here. Hope everyone else is ready to attend this rally and jump start the campin season. The Ohio Spring Rally is at Delaware SP just a little North West of Columbus,Oh and will be the weekend of 5-15 / 5-19 2013. If you haven't signed up yet it is not too late. Come on Jump in and join the fun.
  5. Mickeyrv

    Mickeyrv Week day camping is great

    Jul 22, 2012
    [TV] [HYC] Make that may 17 to may 19 fat fingers input 5-15 in above post which is wrong.
  6. collinb

    collinb New Member

    Jul 1, 2014
    We stayed at Delaware State Park for the first time last weekend.
    The weather didn't help -- so hot and humid.

    There's not a lot to do & see in the area. But that's not the fault of the campsite. Oh, you can go into Delaware to antique shops or Whit's Custard (a real treat). And there is a nice beach and a marina for humans and boats. But no sight-seeing -- no mountains and hardly a hill in sight. If you're a photographer, esp. a bird shooter, you should have no problem with finding subject matter.

    So ... if you're just looking for a comfortable place to rest, a place that's well-manicured, this is a nice one. It's clean and quiet. Perfect for anyone who likes to read or just relax.

    This quietness makes it good for letting the kids ride their bikes. Low traffic, lots of space.
    Restrooms & showers are convenient. No pits, clean showers.

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