over capacity?

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    Dec 5, 2016
    I've pulled my flagstaff pup for over a year now at 1800 lbs with a Jeep Renegade trailhawk and have never had any problems depends what engine you have mines a 2.4 ltr and 9 speed tranny and it pulls fine on highway it does lug a bit going up long hills but I bump shift it and it stays at 65 mph no problem. Checking heating problems with tranny the heat rises maybe 10 degrees on assent and returns to normal on flats. Your patriot if listed for 2000 towing means 2000 lbs of trailer but also your overall weight gvw vehicle and trailer, gas passangers,gear etc. So as long as you don't fill any holding tanks (water,toliets,etc) I would think you'd be right on the edge of your towing capacity!
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    I too have a patriot, 2.4. And cvt. Trans.Used as a daily driver, not for towing, I wouldn't. Even consider towing a 2000. Plus trailer, maybe a small utility trailer under 1000 pounds. On occasion only, but that's just me, my patriot has been a great comuter vechile for me,and probably buy another for. The same purpose, but not as a tow vechile. I would try getting out of the sale, or consider a bigger tv if possible, not to discourage you,or debate with those who. Do, or would tow with the patriot. If you do decide to tow, I suggest looking into a good trans cooler for starters. Best of luck
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    Feb 27, 2014
    Will it tow it....probably YES. But moving it and stopping it. Is another thing, is it over your limit for your tow vechile...probably YES. Just because it can. Dont make it right. Plus. Legally. You can find yourself in a real jamb. If something bad does occur, even those who build up there tow vechiles, with upgraded brakes, and performance parts, doesn't change the. Legal aspects of towing, not to mention the risk you oppose on yourself and others on the road, for those wanting to just build there eggo,s up by saying. Yes, I can tow with that vechile, I hope I'm not around you when something goes wrong, do yourself a favor, either get a more suitable tow vechile or a smaller more manageble way to camp for now, don't jeporidize your life, your loved ones. Or even mine. Best of luck to you
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    [2C] Just a side note about brakes
    Routine Stopping Criteria:
    ----Trailer brakes are best for assisting the TV on those long downhill winding roadways. Spread the coefficient of friction across the TV and trailer wheels and there is less heating [CF] of the brake pads individually. Good rear trailer brakes maintain a straight line stopping trajectory when all wheels brake correctly. Outstanding!

    Stopping Criteria during emergencies:
    ---- Tow Vehicle weight: Your TV must have the sufficient weight to overcome the inertia of both the TV and the trailer.
    ---- Location of the brakes on the 'traveling' assembly:
    The LOCATION of brakes are critical for the stopping capability in an emergency. Generally speaking, the front brakes of a car account for 85% of a vehicle's stopping power. The rear brakes about 15%. The best braking friction one might achieve on a hard dry surface between the roadway and the trailer is when the trailer brakes lock up. This equates to dragging a big rock behind your car. The reason the TV front brakes are so effective is because it is like throwing that big rock in FRONT of your TV for stopping.

    Oversizing your trailer brakes cannot compensate for an underweight TV.

    The bottom line is this: Your vehicle tow capacity is based upon several items, not the least of which is its weight. Don't let your pup push you around in an emergency!

    ---That's my story and I'm sticking to it :cool:!
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    Jul 17, 2014
    If the weight was advertised as 1800 when you purchased it, and the advertisement changed to 2200 after you made your deposit, kindly request your deposit back until the seller can prove that the weight is 1800, as originally posted. If you are lucky, you'll get it back, and will be a little wiser next time.

    In small claims court you'll end up being asked by the judge to negotiate with the seller prior to taking up the judge's time. If you don't have a hard copy of the original and modified specs, you probably won't prevail in court, and if lucky, would be able to negotiate half of your deposit back. If you have the proof, your standing may be better, and you would probably prevail, though still may end up negotiating 50% just to avoid the uncertainty that comes from not knowing how a judge will rule.

    Even if that trailer is 1800 pounds dry weight, it will exceed your vehicle's tow capacity just by adding a propane tank (40 pounds), a battery (50 pounds), and a passenger in the vehicle. Tow capacity typically assumes one 150 pound driver and not much else. As you add passengers, you lose tow capacity. As you add gear aft of the rear axle, you lose tongue weight capacity.

    I see from your profile that you live in Santa Clarita. Presumably you're going to be towing that trailer up the grade from the San Fernando Valley to the Santa Clarity Valley. You'll be in 70mph+ traffic, underpowered, pulling up a grade at 40mph, and possibly overheating your transmission in the process. If you have to also go over the Sepulvida pass, or over the Cahuenga pass, or up the grade from Ventura county north of Camarillo, then you'll be beating that vehicle even worse. Particularly if you are coming over the grade from Camarillo. That's just a tough grade for towing with an under powered vehicle.
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    I'd be concerned about your lease terms and status - towing may be prohibited.
  7. theseus

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    Feb 6, 2007
    Centerville, OH
    This is what I would do...

    1) if the camper meets your needs and you got a good deal, buy it.

    2) drive super conservatively back home. Like a 90 year old...

    3) when you can (i.e. Lease is up) trade to a vehicle that has excess towing capacity...

    I towed a 2500 lbs Palomino with a Ford Explorer without a tow package (3000lbs limit) for 3 years. It was nerve racking and not generally fun. After I upgraded my TV, towing was a breeze.

    Ultimately it is your call to make...
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    May 19, 2010
    OP hasn't been on here since his 1st post
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    Mar 26, 2017
    How do you like their style of trailer hitch?
  10. Adam H

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    Aug 22, 2015
    They are funny, Just a curved mount with a ball on it, kind of hard to explain unless you have seen it. No fancy hitches / sway control that I've seen

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    Mar 26, 2017
    In the 4x we have camped in Europe we have seen about everything as you know they don't need a/c and I saw very few bugs. Strange!
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    Apr 19, 2016
    Wentzville, MO
    If the vehicle's towing capacity is 2000 lbs, there are several good reasons why you shouldn't exceed that figure (unless you're just planning on moving the camper across the parking lot).

    In a real-world scenario you can cause serious damage to your vehicle's drivetrain by towing something that's too heavy. By doing so you'd void any warranty protection you might've had remaining. Something else not too many folks think of...if you're involved in an accident while towing something too heavy, your insurance company can gleefully deny coverage, possibly leaving you open to some horrific legal liability.

    I'd recommend going with a more capable tow vehicle or a lighter camper. If it turns out that this trailer falls within the available towing capacity of the vehicle or if you choose a lighter trailer, take a look at this article about setting up your Patriot to tow.

  13. bob barnes

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    Mar 26, 2017
    I have seen some amazing things I recall in the 80s a guy pulling a 32ft 5th wheel with a dodge 1/2 ton 6cy truck. I went over and talked with him he said it pulled just fine and he had the truck for quite awhile. He was an older man and I am sure he respected what he had!

    One thing we know about manufactures and engineers they over build things to protect themselves.
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    Mar 7, 2012
    etrailer special:

    Sherline Trailer Tongue Weight Scale - 2,000-lb Capacity -
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    Mar 26, 2017
    everyone of them overloaded!!!
  16. Adam H

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    Aug 22, 2015
    I took a picture of a Volvo sedan towing a TT in the U.K. 2 weeks ago, definitely overloaded by our standards. Too bad it's so difficult to post pictures here...

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    Mar 26, 2017
    By the way there are some real mountains in Europe!!!
  18. bob barnes

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    Mar 26, 2017
    Another thing almost all the cars are manual shift in Europe I think that helps a lot!!!
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    Mar 3, 2006
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    I also saw lots of Mercedes pulling trailers! go figure!!!

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