Palamino yearling winch issue

Discussion in 'Lift Systems' started by rerspain, Jul 16, 2017.

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    Jul 26, 2016
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    I have a 2009 palamino yearling. Lately the winch has been very slow to go up. It will stop intermittantly and will make a piping sound from the battery. At first I thought it was the battery but an auto store tested the battery and said it was good.

    Any troubleshooting suggestions? Could it be the circuit breakers or is the motor bad?
  2. JPBar

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    Sep 22, 2016
    If it has the winch from carefree the gears must be greased and a lot of it on the gears under the cover. If you have not lubed the lifter post I would suggest that also. Good luck!
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    Not sure what a piping sound is, however, if the carefree it has an auto resettable circuit breaker so if there is a noise from the battery are, it could be the circuit breaker popping off/on.

    If the breaker is popping open/close it could be a bad breaker or like jPbar states it needs lubricating. (My photos from photobucket disappeared in the post referenced above so I'll try again).
    If you get under the trailer, at each corner you will see a curved metal conduit that conduit needs to be pulled back and 30W motor oil needs to be squirted into the conduit around the large spring that pushes on the corner to raise the roof.
    Just remove the two screws and pull the conduit down...

    Then squirt some oil into the conduit...

    After you are done, push the conduit up and secure with the two bolts.

    Now, under the trailer in the center is the track area where the cables go though, on the front and rear are two zerk grease fittings. Pump a lot of grease into each fitting. If this has never been done before, you will probably use an entire 14 oz tube of high pressure lithium grease or synthetic) for each fitting.



    Rear pulley depends on the type. Older ones did require some lube, newer ones do not. I believe the main difference is the newer pulley has sealed bearings. (When I replaced the cable on my 2012 trailer, I asked if I should replace the rear adjustable pulley and the Goshen rep told me mine should have the newer model and I believe she said it has sealed bearings.)

    If you have a powerwinch, under the winch motor on the trailer frame is a pan held in place by 4 screws. Remove those screws, drop the pan, and then spray a lube; I always used a dry lube, onto the drum and bottom of the gear assembly you will see when looking into it. Then replace the cover.

    And with the older powerwinches (my 2012 had one) there is a plug on the top of the cover to allow access to the bypass bolt if ever needed and that area was supposed to be literally packed in grease. (Newer power winches are difference and don't require this packing of grease.

    If a manual winch, chances are there is no cover to remove; however, a spray of dry lube is still a good idea.

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