plug/jacks for overhead lights- what else fits?

Discussion in 'Wiring' started by Katskamper, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Katskamper

    Katskamper Active Member

    Nov 21, 2015
    Fort Worth, TX
    the overhead lights work on battery power, and have a place where a bunk fan/light can be plugged in. (like a headphones jack)
    does the light say what size jack it takes? are these holes universal in size?
    i have only found bunk lights with that style plug. what else works on that 12v outlet.?

    has anyone converted a usb charger cord to plug into that outlet.?
    i want to charge my devices INSIDE @ nite.

    does a ready-made exist?
    can i make one?

    i havea 12v extension cord (cigarette lighter type) with clamps to connect to battery i can use in the meantime.
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  2. Snow

    Snow Well-Known Member

    Jul 19, 2007
    1/4 inch mono head phone plug/jack is the size.. you can mod any 12 volt low wattage device to plug into these.
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  3. Boatnman

    Boatnman Well-Known Member

    Jan 19, 2017
    western Colorado
  4. roybraddy

    roybraddy Well-Known Member

    Mar 23, 2016
    King George, Virginia
    The bunk bed light use a standard 1/4-inch coiled plug to operate. My 12VDC source is mounted on the ends of my overhead lamps.


    I have gone through at least three of those BUNK LIGHTS over the past few years. The ones I had used the very hot automotive type lamps which draw 1A DC Current from the 12VDC source. First the fans goes then you just throw it away...

    I got one of these O-2 COOL 10-Inch Fans from WALMART that works on 120VAC w/xfmr, 12VDC DC with plug, and internal D-CELLS... Was a good move for me with my OFF-ROAD POPUP bunk ends as well as sitting behind my low profile OIL FILLED portable 120VAC heater to move some heated air around the popup... Been using this setup for several years now and all still going great...

    There are plenty of different size inexpensive DC portable lamps that run off of AA batteries available. I have the ones that pull up to turn on and give off a whole bunch of LED light from the tent bed ends...

    Roy Ken
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  5. Sneezer

    Sneezer Well-Known Member

    Aug 8, 2015
    DFW, TX
    As others have stated, it is a standard 1/4" mono jack, same as what is used for guitar amps and the like. On mine I bought some parts to make some extensions. I have a Y-splitter for each one, which in turn feeds a bunk light and a 12V O2cool fan. I wired in a regular 12V socket, and in a pinch I can disconnect the fan and insert a regular USB power socket. However, I camp exclusively with power, so I always have an open socket. I did however convert all my lights to LED, which does reduce the power draw through the 12v system, which is a good thing.

    The fan I bought does not appear to be made anymore, which is a shame. It is super lightweight, moves a ton of air, and has strong magnets so I can stick it anywhere on the rafter pole, or lock it in place on my steel bunk end shelves. It only pulls 1 amp on high as well, so not a huge power draw.

    These are the LED lights I got. I just swapped the bulbs in all the light fixtures. I have 2 hard mounted ceiling lights, 2 bunk end lights with cords, a 3rd bunk light for the dinette, and a 4th to use outside under the awning. I did buy an extension cord for that one, as I felt there was too much tension on the cord when clamped onto the rafter. I was lucky in that my pup had an exterior socket just like inside, along with an outside 110 plug.

    I also bought these adapters so the plug would be in line with the direction I wanted it to go as my sockets are on the side of the fixture, and not the end pointing towards the bunks.

    So far no issues, been running this system for a little over 2 years now.
  6. Katskamper

    Katskamper Active Member

    Nov 21, 2015
    Fort Worth, TX
    thank you everyone!
    the jack size is what i needed & links to parts ! you all rock!

    yes, those are the light in my pup.
    yes i put in LED lights in the fixyures
    yes i have the dual usb plug
    and the female plug w short cord

    i have 3 of the large O2Cool fans & after reading these helpful suggestions, i want to convert one of the 12v plugs to fit the overhead light instead of cigarette lighter plug. can i cut off the big plug & replace w jack plug?

    tonight, before i read all this, i cut off the clamps & added eye bolts to the cigarette liter w 10ft cord. it will just be a cleaner install on the battery. i will figure out where to run the cord later. (warmer)

    but with what you told me, i think i can create a plug that goes from the silver jack to a dual usb port so i can charge devices. the Y plug is in stock

    i need to order that Y jack first.

    i would rather make something than try to rewire the existing system

    will post project pics later!

    i often camp at sites w no electricity so i need to be self contained.
    im well stocked with solar or battery “christmas”. LED lites for inside & out.
    & so i maintain some semblance of femininity, i have a very girly chandelier over my dining room table.
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  7. Katskamper

    Katskamper Active Member

    Nov 21, 2015
    Fort Worth, TX
    battery operated wire strand LED lites wrapped around beaded candle holder.
    i have made 2 of these for $10 each.
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  8. Katskamper

    Katskamper Active Member

    Nov 21, 2015
    Fort Worth, TX
    check PPL out of houston for this fan/light.

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