Replumbing Braided Vinyl with PEX?

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    I'm pretty excited to get a new toy in the mail. It's a Milwaukee M12 ProPEX expander tool. It's used for installing PEX-A (Uponor) tubing with expansion fittings (no clamps). I bought it to do some new plumbing work in the house. It comes with expander heads for 1/2", 3/4" and 1" tubing.

    I just got through installing a new water heater in my Westlake and I do not like the cheap vinyl tubing, TONS of tee's, and hose clamps everywhere. I also do not like how the tubing is routed up through the floor from the tank, into the pump, then back down under the floor to get into the adjacent cabinet. Why not just go through from the inside?? Same for the hot water line... It looks like the drain lines under the front of the box are already piped in PEX from the factory. Weird.

    PEX would withstand higher pressures, not need any tightening of hose clamps, less prone to vibrations, better expansion if it ever did freeze up, and is more chemically stable and won't impart any plastic "taste" to the water if we use city hookups. (We don't drink from the onboard tank).

    I drew up a little diagram with the existing plumbing layout on top, and a slightly revised one on the bottom.

    Westlake Plumbing.jpg

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