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  1. CrazyMarcheseClan

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    Jan 23, 2017
    Hi! A few weekends ago there was a pop up for sale across the street from us... we went and looked at it and it was like fate! The canvas had mildew but we didn't see any holes (esp compared to the last one we were looking at!) and everything looked to be in good shape. I checked out the inside, my hubby walked around the outside. We looked under the camper for water damage and I looked at the roof inside for water damage. It seemed that maybe it was put down wet at some point and not put back up to dry out... at least the amount of mildew on the tenting would indicate that. It is a 97 Viking Epic 1706. We bought it! Our neighbor helped us pull it pull it home (as we don't have a hitch yet...LOL!) and we popped it up in our driveway right away! We were soooo excited! I got started cleaning the inside up... I researched how to clean the mildew and I have a good handle on that. The side I have cleaned looks brand new! Hooray! We replaced the cover for our electric plug as the little flap door was gone and we wanted to protect from bugs... no problems replacing that. When we put it down the first time though we started to notice some things. On one bunk end it appears the wood on the side roof had been wet at one point. It is still solid just stained... so we were not to worried about that.... my hubby went around the area on the outside with some new silicone calk (please tell me that was the right kind to use!!!) to be sure it was all sealed good. However, it was when we had it all the way down and we were locking up the back right corner (the non door side) that I noticed when I put the latch over the lip the lip pulled down and looked as if it was trying to pull out of the side. :( We pushed on that roof side and sure enough it is REALLY soft compared to the rest of the camper... which is not soft at all. We can't see the actual wood at all because when we look under next to the tenting it has like white wallpaper over it. But goodness we are worried. It is soft from the corner where it latches just to the lift arm.... So not much of it... but enough to have me pretty worried. Any suggestions on how to fix it without taking the roof off or redoing the whole thing? Can we just add a piece of wood behind somehow? We can diy a lot but this kind of scares us. I have some pictures but can not seem to figure out how to add them now... I will keep trying to post them below. :)

    Thanks for ANY help! :)

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  2. CrazyMarcheseClan

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    Jan 23, 2017
    Hopefully I attached those pictures right! [?:~{]
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    Nov 7, 2013
    You could add a couple of metal plates to where the lift arm attaches.
  4. bols2Dawall

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    May 19, 2010
    Lasalle Ontario
    Lots of post on how to replace sideboards ( use the sites search button) , not a huge project if you're somewhat handy and have access to a few tools . Do not use silicone on the roof ( once again use the search button) Good luck with your new project
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    The forums will give different opinions on sealant. Just know that silicon will leave a residue that is hard to get off when you use a different sealant, and other sealant will not stick to it, I spent a lot of time cleaning off residue from the previous owner using silicon on the roof. For the roof I used Dicor Self Leveling Lap Sealant and ProflexRV sealant for everything else.

    It looks like the sideboard is rotted, mine looks the same with the latch pulling out, from inside i can feel where the wood is rotted and falling apart. You can put a metal plate back there for a patch in the meantime but i would dig around and see what you have under there, check the wood around your lift posts real good.

    There are lots of threads and youtube videos that discuss replacing the sideboards (or whole roof if need be). as someone else said, these things are put together with wood, blue and staples, not much to them.

    Congrats on your new pop up!
  6. CrazyMarcheseClan

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    Jan 23, 2017
    Just wanted to jump in and say WE DID IT!!! We pulled the old sideboard off and pulled it all apart and recreated it. It took hours of contemplating and then just jumping in to get it done! It wasn’t too bad... just took it logical step by step. I am soooo glad we chose to rebuild it instead of trying to patch it. The board was so rotted it was basically dirt held together by the plastic inside and aluminum outside! This was at the end of Aug and she is now all tucked in for a MI winter. I can’t wait till spring to open her back up and work on replacing the floor so we can camp next summer!
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    Feb 28, 2016
    Conneaut, Ohio
    That's great. Time, patients and a few tools and she'll be ready for memory making.
  8. sassy64

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    Nov 15, 2017
    bought a 1996 Rockwood Freedom this last fall, "As Is". Needless to say we bought it with eyes wide open and ready for the challenge ahead of us. Thank goodness for a son-in-law with a big garage. We've had to rebuild the whole top, have it tore apart and now it's ready to start putting it back together, plus one of the lifts by the door needs to be rewelded and reinstalled. So guess I'm posting this to say if my husband and myself without much knowledge in this kind of things just about anybody can do it. Just take your time and try and remember how it came apart. LOL DSC05816.JPG DSC05817.JPG DSC05818.JPG DSC05819.JPG DSC05820.JPG hope these come out ok
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