stars at night are big & bright

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    Nov 21, 2015
    Fort Worth, TX
    deep in the heart of Texas.

    first trip Jan 4-5 at Fairfield state park. my first visit.
    its gone thru major upgrades.
    all new concrete paved pads in non elec loop.
    but picnic tables do not have cabanas like the ACE parks.
    restrooms were clean. didnt shower, but i did test water pressure. ok.
    non elec showerhouse is NOT handicap accessible. no paved walkway from parking .

    no one was out camping this weekend after 2 days of crazy hard rain, but weather was beautiful & warm for a January. we had the entire loop TO OURSELF. we were ALONE FOR MILES. it was dark. QUIET. not even bugs, frogs or birds.

    it was a no moon night. i could see all the stars! magnificent & soul feeding beauty.

    we cruised the powered loops -a mile away, as we were leaving. center one undergoing renovations, top loop only had 2 rvs camping.

    Rangers had a rough time keeping an eye us us 3 campers.

    this park is so big, from ranger station to first camping loop is 5 miles!

    i give it a “B+“ grade.
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    My little sidekick looked up into the night sky once and asked why there were so many stars.... I’m thinking oh shoot how do i answer this question when she continued we only see a few at home but there are a lot here. At the campground we stayed at was so black with very little light pollution like yours we saw such a black sky the stars were so shiny and bright and as you stated absolutely magnificent. Living in the city sucks as our night sky you only see a few stars we also don’t know what dark really is until we get out on our trips.
    Sounds like an enjoyable campground you found although not sure I would want to see it when it’s all full. I can see myself taking my chair to an opening in the tree canopy and just soak up the beauty of the night sky.
  3. nineoaks2004

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    Sounds like ya'll really enjoyed the trip and found a nice CG too. Sounds like it is quite large and you could almost get lost in it. It is really hard to find a CG that is uncrowded these days but seems you hit it at the right time and no bugs, we could never find that here in Fl. as we always have some sort of bug buzzing around. Main thing is you enjoyed the trip and the CG. Thanks for sharing your adventure and Keep On Camping

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