Strange looking bunk support poles.

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    Feb 6, 2017
    Just got a new to us 2010 Coachman Clipper 128 Sport. From previous experience, I was able to put up the rear queen sixe bunk, but the king has got me puzzled. I know there are slots on the frame and also sometimes slots on the battery and gas support that are sometimes used. These also exist on my trailer frame. In addition, there are metal fixtures underneath the forward bunk that you would normally fix the standard pole to. The poles supplied that were there when we looked at it to buy it, however, are the thorn that is causing the problem. I cannot get a response from the previous owner so I am turning to my fellow campers. The poles provided are actually two tubes that are hinged together at one end, that allows the combined pole to open so that the two poles will open up to nearly 180 degrees, but then two long to be used for the proper hole. On the side away from the hinge, one pole is flattened and bent, the other one is just flattened. I cannot figure out what two slots or brackets I can use to support the bunk. I have tried talking to dealers and coachman, but have been no help shop of bringing it in and having them "repair" it for me.

    On checking what I could on line, it was suggested that I could easily make my own out of electricians tubing of the right size. I could do that, but these must work . I just haven't talked to the right person, yet. For those planning to make there own, I would suggest that they make sure they get rigid tubing and not EMT tubing, both are commonly used by electricians and EMT is too soft and flexible.

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    South Carolina
    Some pictures of what you have to work with may help the members here offer some help. Welcome to the Portal from South Carolina.
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    Oct 6, 2012
    Agreed... going to need photos.

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