Stretch Wrap as barrier to infestation?

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  1. Lug_Nut

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    May 29, 2016
    Mt. Wachusett area, MA
    I've seen what rodents can do when we were inspecting potential used pup-ups in our price range.
    I've also seen what ants can do (as bad, if not worse) on our first camper (Time-Out, 30 ish years ago).
    We used snap-traps and ant bait last winter inside our prior Starcraft camper, but it had no openings that couldn't be plugged effectively.
    Our new-to-us Jayco has more openings and access points because of the ameneties (furnace exhaust, fridge vents, slide-out, and such) and so with the idea of closing these off I'm considering using stretch wrap around the sides to completely close these access areas and assure no gaps under the roof gasket during off-season storage.

    Has stretch wrap been used by anyone else? Would those that have please provide encouragement for (or warning against) doing so?

    I also have questions about covering the big lump of A/C on the roof.
    The pop-up came with a still-in-the-box breathable cover (similar to the fabric on the Time-Out that the ants so enjoyed). I intend to pitch the parked trailer to aid snow sliding, but the A/C will hold back an amount of snow on its 'uphill' side. This snow won't slide off this area of the cover and will tend to glaciate from partial thaw and re-freeze episodes.
    Should I be concerned about this long term source of snow/ice/water backed up on the high side of the cover?
    Should I not use the cover in our snowy winters?
  2. XKPin

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    Oct 28, 2016
    Gloucester, Virginia
    Stretch/shrink wrap? Never thought about that. Everywhere? Interesting. . . . I do understand that the Manufacturers indicate popups should remain breathable.
    --We place moth balls in open containers (removing them from the living compartment when the dog and kids join us) and had no infestation on our Jayco or our previous Yuma.
    --For the winter months, besides winterizing the water system, I keep the tongue down all the way and sweep off the snow when the pup gets covered - sometimes all tooooo often [:(O].
  3. xxxapache

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    Jul 30, 2008
    Tom Cat poison bait blocks in the child/pet resistant enclosures in the area of your trailer will take care of mice....Just today I checked the one outside my garage. They had eaten the entire block. It hadn't been touched all summer....Happens every fall. Never had a mouse in my camper, boat, or stored vehicles.
  4. tfischer

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    Mice can chew through wood if they really want to. They sure aren't going to blink chewing threw shrink wrap.

    If you've sealed off all holes/access points, then there's no good reason to shrink it IMHO.

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