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    Slipped away for a single night here on 12-28-16. (A few miles east from Cagle Rec Area, about 20 miles east of I-45 and New Waverly, TX) Small, pricey grocery in New Waverly, gas, etc.

    I was the only pup here on this night. There are a few rough spots in the road once you get off FM 1375, so don't hurry in. You pay at bulletin board/post on the way in, but I missed it and paid on way out. (You can drive it, pick site, then pay if not full.)

    Looks like originally a CCC project. In the Sam Houston National Forest, Stubbefield is the lowest priced CG in the system. With clean bathrooms and hot showers, the only electric is at the bathrooms. All sites had a fire ring and grate/BBQ. No streetlights, so stars very visible when it gets dark, saw at least double the amount usually expected. There were a few families with kiddies there.

    Sites fairly well spaced, but small aprons, so big pups will be crowded at Stubbefield. Water spigots every 2-3 sites, but several off or out of service (no biggie for me). Sure was wonderfully quiet and dark. Firewood for the gathering in national forests, and a bowsaw is a good idea for deadfalls. Overgrown, so watch for thorny bushes.

    Host said that at times CG gets rowdy as is so cheap to stay and some even try to sneak in to avoid paying. When I stayed, quiet as a museum, but I understand what is meant by host. (Heavy family use could solve this problem.)

    A typical site will need to level a bit if that's critical for your refrig, etc. Lots of places to ride bikes, with fishing on site and boat ramp and fishing bridge walking distance.
    Heard a few rifle shots, but hunting closes in January.

    DW not interested in no elect anything, but I loved it for the darkness and quiet.
    This was how ALL camping used to be, remember? Coleman lanterns, stoves, campfires, maybe an occasional trailer on battery. Solar maybe not so good here as lots of tree cover.

    This will be a scorching swelter-box in the summer as heavily wooded so no breeze will move and this is Texas.

    It's on my "go back soon" list as I like it on the rustic side in cool temp. DW says better at Cagle Rec Area, and Double Lake. (both within about 30 min, same road, just east)

    Site pic here:


    Thanks for reading. Trying to support our parks by camping more.

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