Stupid Bunk Trick

Discussion in 'Slide-Outs / Bunkends' started by Ken Lane, Jun 26, 2019.

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    My Pup has 3 different slots for bunk end support rails on the frame front and rear. Well when I set the Pup at home I pulled the bunks out and then set the support rails, not a good way to do this on a Forest River. Being really smart I decided to read the book. So the next time I set the support rails first then pulled out the bunks. The forward set went well, I used the lowest slot of the three for the support rail and the bunk slid into place, no problem. On the rear, Mr. Brilliant, yours truly, thought it would be a good idea to use the top slot for the bunk rails when the DW asked which slot to use. Humm as unsuspecting DW and I tried to pull out the rear bunk it just would not slide out, coming only about a third of the way out. W#ow wtf, this is not supposed to be this hard, it should just slide out. So I asked DW to push from the inside. She did and between the two of us got the bunk extended. But being so "brilliant" I knew something was not right so I raised the stabs thinking maybe the frame was twisted causing the slides to bind. Nope that didn't help at all. Well I stopped tinkering and left well enough alone, it would work. Still I was worried about having to tear down in a couple of days and the difficulty that would entail. So as I lay there in bed that night going over all the "what the devils" in my mind that could cause this bunk problem I had my "Eureka" moment. As it is obvious to the reader, I had placed the bunk support in the upper slot, wrong! This resulted in an angular slope against the support versus the bunk causing it to get increasingly tighter against the rail as it moved out and subsequently harder to withdraw. Peter's Principle on display.

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