Time to "Solarize" an Aliner

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  1. KJ Knowles

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    Feb 23, 2015
    North Central Texas
    I have finally finished acquiring all of the bits to add solar charging capability to our Aliner Pop-Up trailer. Just brought home the new energy bank, a pair of Exide Deep Cycle Marine Group 31's (115 Amp-hour claimed capacity each).

    Did a quick setup to assure all is operational before relocating the new batteries to inside the trailer. (I will be removing the original Group 27 Dual Purpose battery forward of the propane tank.) Sunny North Texas mid-day sun had the Renogy 200 Watt suitcase system producing ~170 Watts, so all seems well so far. I would have been happy with anything over 150.

    I am going to keep the panels and controller in the suitcase configuration to allow positioning for best power generation and to remotely position them when setup in shady spots. I have a pair of 8 gauge, 25 foot extension cables for that purpose. If setup in a sunny area, I will likely set the panels on the roof of the dormer on the right in the photo of the Aliner.

    The Aliner Classic came with a "Zamp Ready" SAE 12 Volt connector on left side, forward, so I have also made a cable to match the (odd) Zamp reverse polarity standard. I'm looking forward to doing the install this weekend and having it ready for Fall camping season!

  2. JPBar

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    Sep 22, 2016
    I think this will work well for you, have fun!
  3. rabird

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    Mar 3, 2006
    balance your batt connection! ie, hook + clip to batt A + and the - clip to batt B - .

    Both for charge and discharge. http://www.smartgauge.co.uk/batt_con.html it does matter, even small discharges/charges.

    "Finally, if you only have 2 batteries, then simply linking them together and taking the main feeds from diagonally opposite corners cannot be improved upon."
    "And finally, finally, we keep getting asked where the chargers should be connected to. We didn't address this question because it seemed so blatantly obvious where they should be connected that it never occurred to us that anyone might be unsure. The chargers should always be connected to the same points as the loads. Without exception. "

    If ya don't use it 24/7 as a maintainer, give your batts a charge monthly or so, and don't let the propane/co detectors etal drain your batts.
  4. KJ Knowles

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    Feb 23, 2015
    North Central Texas
    I noticed that that I was pulling from both poles of a single battery right after taking the photo, but decided not to take another after correcting it.

    I was curios to see how long before it was pointed out. I have lost the bet I had with myself, as I figured it would be the first post. :)
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    Jan 19, 2015
    North Georgia
    Glad to see another Aliner solarized, though my 150 watt panel is permanently mounted to the roof. Harder to do with dormers though.

    One thing to consider is the venting of your batteries if you move them into the camper. You don't want to be smelling sulfuric acid or dealing with corrosive fumes. :(

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